XDC Community All Set to Unleash the Much-Awaited XDC 2.0!

XPS 2.0, the novel consensus engine developed exclusively for XDC Network, is advancing to its next stage. The XDC Core team has come forth to declare the current status of the protocol upgrade. XDC 2.0, formerly known as XDPoS 2.0, is a huge milestone and by far the most challenging upgrade to the XDC Network since its inception. After a full year of beta testing, XDC 2.0 is transitioning to its subsequent phase – dev net evaluation. 

Dr. Fisher Yu, Technical Advisor of XDC, stated:

“Our team has been building and testing the new consensus engine for 12 months already. We are happy to share with you now that the engine has been built and has been fully rested on the dev-net. We are very excited and proud of this effort because this engine is originally and purposefully built just for XDC.”

The XPS 2.0 update is a substantial advancement in the XinFin blockchain ecosystem. You and the whole team call XDC 2.0 the “Blockchain 2.0.” After the beta testing of it, the network is bridged into the dev net. In the dev-net, every upgrade linked to XDC 2.0 will be evaluated by inviting developer communities to test their applications and infrastructure on it. The consensus engine would be integrated into the Apothem network, a significant XDC test net, after careful assessment, as per Fisher Yu and the XDC team. 

With this upgrade, the XDC Network gets military-grade security and efficient performance. The advanced Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), and a forensic monitoring system strengthen the security wall to defend the network against any malicious attacks. Even if one-third of the network master nodes malfunction, XDC 2.0 ensures the security of the blockchain infrastructure. Furthermore, the block finalization time of only three blocks is also enhanced and thereby making the transactions “super fast.”

The seamless completion of the XDC 2.0 dev net evaluation will accelerate the process of implementing this protocol by the first quarter of 2023. Fisher Yu also emphasized the team’s efforts to facilitate a stable transition of the consensus engine from XDPoS 1.0 to 2.0 by keeping other operations functional without interruptions. Through this upgrade and other upcoming XDC Network Improvement Proposals (IPs), the XDC ecosystem is essentially progressing into an era of decentralization and efficiency.


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