XDC based first Swiss Metaverse – Metabloqs – Launching Beta Testing For First 5k Citizens

The first Swiss-based metaverse Metabloqs launched its successful beta testing for the first 5,000 registered users in September 2022. MetaParis, the first metacity, is presented as the perfect blend of the awe-inspiring landscape of Paris, the City of Light & Art on the metaverse.

The reality-inspired metaverse was soft-launched by Megha Shrestha, CEO, and Co-founder of Metabloqs, during the MetaWeek 2022, a prominent metaverse conference, in Dubai. Now, the beta-launch has fueled the hype of the Metabloqs community to immerse in the metaverse. Through the beta version, the first 5k users have become the pioneer metacitizens of Metabloqs to explore MetaParis. They get to experience the richness of the city’s culture, lights, and elegant fashion.

Metacitizens wandered in the streets around the 7th arrondissement that encompasses the Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars. What is more noteworthy is that the users got to have a fun experience riding luxury cars and even take up an adventure on the water bodies. Currently, this version of the metaverse is compatible with Windows PC and the compatibility will expand to other device configurations sooner in the future. The team feeds in every significant update to the community via their social handles.

Adding to this, Megha Shrestha, CEO and Co-founder of Metabloqs stated:

“The prime purpose of the beta testing is to receive feedback from our users to enhance the platform features. We are grateful for the comments from our community, and it’ll be counted during the conclusion phase. Following the culmination of beta testing, our platform will be accessible to 300,000 users of the community.”

Moreover, Metabloqs, a metaverse built on the XDC Network, is aimed to create magnificent “Metacities”, the virtual twins of the world’s most iconic cities. The project is all set to immerse its users in a virtual world that incorporates the finest touch of reality.  

About Metabloqs

 With realistic graphics, real-world cities, and true identities, Metabloqs is positioned to become the trusted metaverse of choice for business, finance, education, and entertainment.

 The platform will be based in real-world locations, beginning with one of the most iconic cities of all: Paris. Participants are encouraged to use their real identities, while an efficient KYC process and clear code of conduct will ensure a safe and compliant environment for everyone.

 For users, Metabloqs enables collaboration, learning, interaction, and networking in an environment of trust. For brands, businesses, and educational bodies, it offers a one-stop solution to build a presence in the metaverse.

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