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X-max Qomo Replacement Glass Bubbler

The X-MAX Qomo is a compact, quick-heating E-Rig featuring a water bubbler, ceramic cup tank, and LED light indication. It has a 1350mAh battery and USB-C charging capability. It is most likely one of the smallest and most easy to use E-rigs currently available on the market. Despite being called an “E-Rig,” this gadget is more similar to a wax pen. Simply said, the bubbler and atomizer are simply too little to effectively produce like an e-rig.

Some of the benefits that come with using QOMO are:

At only $89, the QOMO is an excellent invitation to check out an e-rig without going out of budget. Moreover, with only 5 inches tall from the bottom to the bubbler’s tip, the Qomo is compact and convenient for carrying in your pocket or handbag. It’s one of the most transportable electric rigs. Not only this, but this tiny device is surprisingly powerful for its size. Although it might develop a little burned flavor with prolonged use, the ceramic bucket atomizer produces thick clouds and has a pleasant flavor. It also offers a fast heat-up time and is ready to use in just a few seconds. You may take a fast draw while traveling thanks to the 20-second activity timer, which allows short and simple sessions. Another great advantage is the USB-C type charging. Many people are huge advocates of USB-C charging since it’s quicker and more dependable than Micro USB connections, and because it’s a global standard, finding a charger for your device is quite easy.

Although the QOMO does have a lot of benefits, it does fall flat in a few areas:

The first demerit is that the provided bubbler is narrow and its conical shape doesn’t provide the optimum percolation. Users have reported that there should be some glass alternatives. Also, the ceramic bucket gets a little hot: The ceramic bucket utilized in the QOMO’s atomizer reportedly gets a bit warm during usage, and the higher temperatures can result in a taste that is just a bit burned. The company suggests staying at the least temperature (White) for taste chasers, while those seeking a larger cloud would like to move up to Green or Red.


 The QOMO has many unique and amazing features, which makes it a favorite for many people.

The device’s primary emphasis in terms of design is the bubbler. Its canonical form, which becomes tapered towards the end, strongly resembles the bubbler on the Peak Pro. It contains just enough water to remove any potentially aspirated ash, tar, and other pollutants. Additionally, it rapidly cools the vapor, resulting in smoother and more satisfying pulls. It is attractive to observe the LED light indications, which are positioned inside the device’s body and illuminate through the bubbler, especially while the users are taking a hit. Nonetheless, because the glass is a little thinner than average, it’s advised to utilize the box and its plugs when carrying it. The glass carb cap, which already has the dab tool connected to it, covers the ceramic cup and features a glass splash guard.

The XMAXQomo atomizer may be pre-heated or left cold depending on the type of dabbing experience one likes. In any case, you need to fill the dab tool that is part of the carb cap with a quantity of material the size of a rice grain. A little water is all that is required for the QOMO bubbler to work. It is suggested to utilize a small trickle from a sink’s tap to fill it full. Fill just up to the red line marked; if you exceed it, the bubbler could splatter while it is in use. Put the bubbler back on the apparatus after it is full, then fill the bucket with your material. Put the carb cap on the vapor dome once your substance has been loaded, and then turn on the device with three clicks of the power button. The power level indicator underneath the bubbler will start to glow, and the device’s charging light then flash to indicate the charge level.

The users do have access to three different temperature settings. Although it’ll work just fine and the temperature settings are good, it is preferred by many customers that they rather have full control so they can achieve the best results with the material we’ve chosen. While the 3 different levels function properly, it can be seen by some as one of the weaknesses of this less expensive model. The temperature is shown by the LED lighting the bubbler when you press the XMaxQomo button twice quickly.

  • White represents a low temperature (280°C/536°F).
  • Green represents a medium temperature (320°C/608°F).
  • Red represents a high temperature (350 °C/662 °F).

To adjust the power level on the QOMO, click the power button twice. The power light below the bubbler will change color to reflect the power level. After choosing your preferred temperature, press the button once to begin the heating cycle. During pre-heat, the lights will flicker a few times before turning into a solid tone to indicate that it is ready for use. For optimal results, draw slowly and in a sipping motion. To choose between the three temperature controls, press the button twice. To start the heating cycle, press the button once. It will power on for 20 seconds, making it possible to share.

Many users have claimed that the Qomo is a compact e-Rig, and they’re not exaggerating. The primary device body is smaller than the typical palm in size without the bubbler, and it reaches 12.7 cm with the bubbler, which is still rather compact. Except for the glossy section running through the middle, the Qomo’s main body is primarily constructed of metal and has a matte surface. For improved grip, the area beneath the firing button is ridged.

The Qomo includes a 1350mAh battery, which, depending on use and environmental conditions, may power the device for 10 to 15 sessions. If it runs out of power, it charges via USB-C. Comparing charging speeds, USB-C is 20 times quicker than Micro-USB. In terms of capacity, the 1350mAh battery outperforms the G Pen Roam even though it performs nearly identically in all real-world scenarios. Overall, the battery life is acceptable; even though it is not a detachable cell and doesn’t have a very long battery life, it will last during a party or outdoor session. The number of sessions you’ll receive might be as low as eight if you decide to always raise the temperature from chilly to play more of a one-hitter style.

The Qomo features a 20-second heat-up frequency, even up to the maximum temperature. The ceramic coil is a clear improvement in coils, and it should be used if flavor is more important than vapor density. You can warm up your concentration by inhaling slowly and deeply while allowing hot air to flow through the chamber.

This device may be used with the majority of concentrates so long as the quantity put into the atomizer is not so large as to obstruct the airflow between the glass bubbler as well as the atomizer side or the side of the carb cap, one which goes into the atomizer, which can both become blocked if you keep filling it. The Qomo also has been compatible with solid extracts such as shatter, wax, honey, or dabs. With the dab tool that comes with the Qomo, one can easily vaporize any preferred dabs, such as rosins, wax, and dabs, in the ceramic cup.

The QOMO is very easy to clean too. For cleaning the glass vapor dome and bubbler, the users just need to apply isopropyl alcohol. The coil and carb cap may be cleaned with alcohol together on a paper towel, and the vapor path in the device can be cleared with a few drops of alcohol on a Q-tip. For cleaning the bubbler, the users can add a little alcohol and start shaking it. Rinse many times with water to completely remove the alcohol. Before putting the equipment back together, everything must be dry.

Also, the height is a little under five inches, and weighs less than a single pound with the bubbler on. The non-sheen finish and anodized aluminum body make it possible for you to work discreetly during sessions in public. It is currently the smallest E-Rig available, and while it is somewhat bigger than a larger dab pen, it still has many of the advantages of a larger E-Rig.

All in all, the XMAXQomo deserves a lot of credit since it’s an economical entry-level wax E-Rig that’s also user-friendly for beginners and portable. Even though it lacks pass-through recharging and a replaceable battery, most users would choose this vaporizer because of its portability and convenience of use rather than its battery capacity, so this isn’t usually a deal-breaker. The XMAXQomo is straightforward and portable, and its strongest quality could be how simple it is to operate in general. The Qomo is a terrific e-rig all around and is ideal for newbies seeking their first or second, relatively portable gadget.

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