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WWLAC is helping those with Autism become successful.

helping those with Autism

WWLAC is actively working towards making the world understand that Autism is beneficial to workplaces, communities, and beyond.

WorldWide Love And Consulting (WWLAC) focuses on helping local businesses within local communities with ethics through the strategies of Autism recognition, Ethical Copywriting, and putting morals above everything else in the businesses they aim to help.

Statistically, Autism affects one in five people and will only continue to grow. Autism does not mean it’s a disease, cancer, or virus by any stretch. It genetically enhances one’s abilities via physical, mental, or perceptual means. 

Created and founded by CEO Arin Ohlendorf, WWLAC started in June 2020 with the aim to help shape and mold society to understand Autism and ethics through traditional values within society.

Some of the company’s projects that WWLAC undertakes involve buying food and giving it to homeless shelters, including the Milwaukee Rescue Missions Center in Milwaukee, WI. 

WWLAC also visits local businesses to extend its presence within various communities, including Waukesha, Milwaukee, Muskego, and Whitewater. 

Picking up trash in certain cities’ streets is another project the company takes on. 

Some of the future projects that WWLAC intends to do are podcasts, webinars, and even business vlogs. 

Some of WWLAC’s goals are to bring ethical practices to businesses that seek to make revenue but may fall short because of any issues within or outside the business. Notwithstanding certain political viewpoints or identities of people or groups.

WWLAC also aims to teach about unethical practices that are displayed but shouldn’t be. WWLAC doesn’t condone those unethical practices but would raise awareness of such heinous practices that affect local businesses from having a shot at living the American dream. 

Talking to the media, CEO Arin Ohlendorf said, “Another project that WWLAC works on is raising awareness of Autism. Sadly, not many people understand or know the benefits of those with Autism. As someone who has a mild form of Asperger’s (Aus-ber-gers) Syndrome, it makes my fine artistic abilities come more naturally than someone who doesn’t have Autism or Aspergers.” “WWLAC is bringing Ethics into reality and is ready to shape the concept of love for society. Hence the word, love in the name.” he added.

WWLAC holds the National Standards Of Excellence for Autism through the Diamond Standards of Excellence Autism Program.

Founder and CEO Arin Ohlendorf has prior work experience working with brands like IBM, Uber, Amazon, and Verizon. Ahmad Imam, who is the winner of the International Influencer of 2022 award, endorsed Arin on LinkedIn. 

Arin is mentored by Isaac Mashman, CEO of Mashman Ventures, who was also featured in Time Magazine. He helps Arin grow his WWLAC brand. 

Arin also founded the Arin Ohlendorf Foundation, dedicated to diplomacy and preserving world peace. Arin is serving local communities with the aim of guiding Government bodies and big businesses to follow ethical practices effectively and efficiently.

To know more about the Arin Ohlendorf Foundation, visit

Arin also hosts the podcast Billion Year Project on Anchor Ill, where he talks about Autism, the world, space, love, oneness, and the universe in general. The driving force behind the podcast is Ethics, which Arin believes is such an important way to live for the future and help small businesses grow or help younger children involved in the community to become successful in the entrepreneur game.

To listen to the podcast Billion Year Project on Anchor.FM, visit

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Company Name: WorldWide Love And Consulting

Contact Person: Arin Ohlendorf


City: Wales

State: Wisconsin

Country: USA

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