WunderTrading: The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading

Providers of Automated Trading Systems (ATS) come in all shapes and forms. Some of them deserve more attention and credit than others. WunderTrading is a great example of a company capable of delivering stellar results and granting access to excellent tools like a free crypto trading bot available to all users of the platform.

Crypto beginners’ guide to trading

Entering the market for the first time can be intimidating. Many retail traders without prior exposure to cryptocurrency may feel confused and lost when trying to analyze the rich variety of assets available to everyone.

The best type of advice that we can give to newcomers is to focus on widely known coins like BTC, ETH, USDT, and DOGE. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two flagships of the industry with many experts saying that BTC is simply too large to fall even if something bad happens to the global economy. Any informed crypto investment guide will tell you to buy the “dip” and sell the “high”. It is a good scheme to follow when working with tokens that have a potential to gain ground.

USDT is a coin used as an exchange medium. It is a stablecoin pegged by the US dollar which means that it can be used for speculation in some situations. DOGE is another highly speculative asset that does not have any inherent value. Many say that it is a meme coin that only gains value when influencers prop it up.

Even among these four tokens, there is a huge discrepancy in use cases, applications, potential, and market volatility. Beginners should stick to working with a couple of selected crypto assets.

Strategies that can be used by everyone

Even experienced veterans can use basic tools offered by WunderTrading. A modern crypto trading guide will have a couple of mentions of bots which are some of the most popular tools for contemporary investors. Just a decade ago, robots were employed only by institutions like banks and investment corporations. In 2023, everyone can use them and pay literally nothing.

When it comes to choosing the right toolset for a job, price is an important factor to consider, but it is not a crucial issue. Quality and efficiency are critical for success. The best automated crypto trading bot is not necessarily expensive. It simply must be able to perform as intended and have a good interface so that users can utilize all its benefits without feeling confused.

Automation is a cornerstone technology of many successful trading strategies. While every retail trader has its favorite technical indicators, signal generators, and experts to follow, finding a suitable automation solution is also quite easy and can be done with any investment system.

You can employ a WunderTrading bot to perform any task. Several default options should be also considered by any investor.

·         DCA is a hugely popular method of purchasing assets. WunderTrading has a specialized bot that can be used for both speculative trading and slow accumulation of assets. Use it on P2P platforms to make sure that you are buying assets at a reasonable price. DCA stands for Distributed Cost Average. It is a centuries-old idea of reducing the total cost of purchasing commodities and financial instruments.

·         GRID is a DCA bot on steroids. It is a free AI trading bot that uses a set of instructions to place buy orders on a downtrend and simultaneously placing take-profit and stop-loss commands at appropriate prices to ensure safety and profitability. While this system does not guarantee a 100% rate of success, it is a low-risk system that demonstrates a respectable level of consistency.

·         Arbitrage is another service that will be an excellent choice for inexperienced traders. Arbitrage is an approach to financial markets that differentiate various marketplaces by prices. Something that costs very little in the US can be extremely valuable in Europe or Asia. Buying in the US and selling in Japan at a profit is a great example of arbitrage. When it comes to crypto trading, beginners’ guide examples will always have something easy to grasp like arbitrage.

Choosing the right automation platform

WunderTrading is a great provider of tools that you will find useful when building your ATS. Getting a cryptocurrency trading bot for free is like receiving a Christmas present. You don’t really expect it and could manage without it, but it feels great to receive it. This platform offers you five bots that you don’t have to pay for. They come together with the base account that you can upgrade at any moment.

Free bots are excellent if you need to test a strategy, get a firmer grasp on how to write scripts, or to run a relatively simple trading system like DCA.

What is the best free crypto trading bot?

The best choice is DCA since it is the best strategy for people who want to acquire as many Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens as possible at the lowest price at any given period. This is the first suggestion on any investment forum for a good reason. If you do not understand the intricacies of the crypto market, buying stuff just for the sake of buying is not a sound plan.

In general, the best ATS is the one that you designed yourself. If it fits your investment strategy and generates consistent results, it is the only thing you need to be successful in the long run.

The main takeaway

Our guide to investing in cryptocurrency is based on using automation as the main component of any strategy. Since over 85% of all retail traders employ various ATS in one form or another, choosing to avoid automation is a sure way to diminishing potential profits. Focus on working with coins that you know and understand. Trade using low-risk systems that make money reliably. Design your own approaches to investing.

These simple tips will allow you to create an investment plan and a style of portfolio management capable of delivering good results with respectable consistency.

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