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WTBWMMO Guides Reader How to Set Achievable Business Goals this 2022

Awareness – this is the most important thing in setting business goals for the new year according to What is the Best Ways to Make Money Online. In the website’s new article, they laid down five things digital entrepreneurs should do to set and achieve their business goals this 2022. Accordingly, setting new business goals require a series of reflection on the things that has happened in the past, the things that are happening at present, and the things that can be expected to happen in the future. This will help them be aware of their mistakes and shortcomings but also of the things that they did right. All of these, then, shall guide them into setting and achieving the right business goals for the year.

Be specific

The foundation of any goal-setting endeavor should be clarity. According to the article, digital entrepreneurs should be specific when it comes to setting their business goals for the new year as this is important to have a concrete picture of the things they plan to accomplish. A goal that is vague may sound like “to increase revenue” but a more specific goal would be “to increase annual revenue by 30%”. In that way, the one who is setting the goal will have a direction on where to go and will be more efficient in tracking their progress towards achieving that specific goal. However, the article also warns digital entrepreneurs not to be too caught up with the goals they set and give themselves room for mistakes and setbacks. This will help them reduce the risk of utter disappointment in case a goal was not reached as this may lead to loss of motivation.

Be realistic (and adaptable)

Speaking of disappointment from unreached goals, the article also urges digital entrepreneurs to be as realistic as possible in setting business goals in order to manage expectations and alleviate feelings of despair and disappointment. Being realistic is setting goals in a context – this means that digital entrepreneurs should consider their present realities and circumstances while setting their goals. For example, someone who is running a business during a pandemic might now be able to get the same amount of sales as compared to before so they should base their expectations on their current circumstance. Practicing this also leads them to be adaptable where they are more versatile and resourceful in ways on how they can achieve such goals given their limitations and circumstances.

Be inclusive

For business owners who have a working team or staff, the article advises them to set goals that are beneficial not only for themselves as the owner or head of the business but also for the people they are working with. This can be achieved by allowing their team to give inputs into how they envision the business would be like for the rest of the year. In fact, this may actually be beneficial to the owners as they can have fresh views and varying perspectives on how they should run the business. Besides, it is their people who are actually on the frontlines of their businesses. Meanwhile, the article also gave suggestions to those who own a business but are not yet working with the help of a team. They can practice inclusivity, accordingly, by considering the needs and preferences of their customers and clients and applying their reflection on the way they set policies and plan for new products or any change in the business.

Be consistent

Consistency is a must even for those who not in the business industry. Accordingly, there are two ways digital entrepreneurs can be consistent in setting and achieving their business goals. One is to set business goals that are consistent with their personal and business principles, values, and beliefs. They should be anchored on your business’ mission and vision. Meanwhile, consistency can also be reflected on how they choose to show up every day and fulfill their tasks and responsibilities.

Be accountable 

Last but not the least, digital entrepreneurs must observe accountability in order so they can successfully achieve their business goals. To be accountable is to monitor progress and evaluate the ups and downs of their journey. This will be easier if they will set goals that are measurable and time-bound so they can always gauge their progress, the things they did right and wrong, and what they should be adjusting or doing to keep or get back on track.

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