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How to write a Viral Content and make it go Viral

Achieving good ranking on search engines requires you to produce impeccable content related to your business. Your articles must be conversational and interesting enough to get many likes and shares on the internet. But how do you get a lot of people to read your pieces? How do you ensure that your content becomes viral?

Here are the secrets to making your content viral.

1. Make your title in form of lists, tips and ways

Your title is what people see first before they read the rest of the article. If it doesn’t sound interesting or informative enough, chances are that no one will click it. Just as it is with the title of this article, put your ideas into a compelling list. You can make them into tips, ways or points. Readers find it easy to consume the content and understand it when it is clearly written.

2. Post your articles on forums and discussion boards

Forums and discussion boards are a good place to start if you want many people talking about your articles. Go ahead and post titles or snippets of the articles on these platforms, including your name, website and blog URL where the content can be found.

3. Pick trendy topics

It’s true you may be tempted to write about your business ideas everyday, educating people about what you offer. While this may be helpful, with time it tends to get boring. Write trending stories and news that are somehow related to your business, and then have a link to your site at the end. If you are in the law business, write news pieces about people getting convicted for various offenses or how they managed to defend themselves. If you are in the medical surgery field, write about botched surgeries. Get creative with your content and you will see the magic happen.

4. Intertwine the content with major events

Is Thanksgiving Day around the corner? Are we approaching Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Think of any major holiday that is near, and intertwine your content towards that special day. If you want to sell stuff, write about deals that you offer towards the holiday. If there’s a major event coming in your area, write about it. You will be surprised how many likes and shares you will get.

Content is king. When you do it right, you will not only get good ranking but also massive likes and shares. Follow these tips when creating your content and you will have everyone talking about it.

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