Wrap Up Q2 2023 With Avalanche, Dogetti, And Cosmos As Your New Crypto Portfolio

Avalanche recently hit a huge milestone of 1 million active addresses in the month of May. As the Altcoin’s platform continues to grow, Avalanche is rolling out a new technology called “web3 launchpad AvaCloud” that gives companies the power to create their own blockchain ecosystem. 

This is a huge step forward from tech companies having to invest huge amounts of their own capital to form a blockchain technology. According to the Avalanche Snow Report, The growth of stablecoins and DeFi was instrumental in Avalanche breaking its previous record of 840,000 monthly active addresses. 

As the Avalanche platform continues to develop, newer cryptos like Dogetti (DETI) enter the market through presales, giving crypto investors the chance to earn 100x returns from potentially profitable DeFi projects. In this article, you will learn about the unique features of Avalanche and Cosmos, alongside new presale coins like Dogetti. 

Avalanche Allows Developers To Create D’Apps Within Their Desired Time Frame

Avalanche was designed to overcome the limits of cryptocurrencies previous to it and is scalable, secure, and eco-friendly. The core consensus engine powering the Avalanche platform is capable of supporting a global network that has hundreds of millions of devices operating on it, all fixed at low latencies and a large volume of transactions per second. 

To gauge the energy expenditure of major Altcoins, CCRI (Crypto Carbon Ratings Index) conducted a study to analyze the total energy consumed by Polkadot, Cardano, Algorand, Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The results found Avalanche consumes 35,000x less energy than Ethereum and 200,000x less energy than Bitcoin, proving the Altcoin to be energy efficient. 

Dogetti’s Presale Is Halfway Through Its Second Stage Of Funding

Dogetti is a new meme coin that has successfully raised $2 million in the presale market from investors looking to participate in a crypto project that has still yet to develop any monetizable features. 

The meme coin has a committed team of developers who are working to create new features within the platform, some of which are DogettiDAO and Dogetti NFTs. The DAO will give token holders the opportunity to vote on important matters governing the DETI ecosystem, while Dogetti’s NFTs can be traded as digital collectibles among the meme coin community. 

Explore The Wonders Of The Blockchain Universe Through Cosmos 

Cosmos is known for its inter-blockchain communication protocol, which enables users to exchange digital assets and data across multiple decentralized blockchains. Cosmos now has 277+ apps and services operating on its DeFi platform and over $55 billion in assets under management. 

Cosmos is a proof-of-stake blockchain with a 99% lower carbon footprint compared to standard proof-of-work blockchains. The blockchain can conduct transactions for fees as low as $0.01 and at speeds of 7 seconds on average. 

Dogetti’s Presale Could Be A 100x Gainer Alongside Your Avalanche And Cosmos Holdings 

Trying to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the crypto market can be tough, but there are plenty of options that you can narrow down to a selection of investments that will net you returns over the long term. 

Dogetti’s presale is an investment that gets crypto investors as close as they can to the beginning of a DeFi project. As always, it is important to remember the DeFi market is rife with rug pulls and scams. Conducting your own research before buying is essential. 

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