Worried About Crypto Volatility? Invest In These 8 RWAs For Maximum Gains 

Worried About Crypto Volatility

Are you considering investing your funds and confused about where to push the stakes? We have a new contender on the scene – Real-World Assets (RWAs). 

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and not backed by reserves. You must have heard this criticism enough times. If you switch to conventional securities and assets, their difficult navigation, compliance, and inaccessibility prevent many of us from entering the markets. 

What if we told you there’s a class of digital assets backed by physical assets like stocks, gold, or real estate? RWAs or real-world assets bring together traditional assets and DeFi via tokenization. 

RWAs are hot potatoes, garnering huge institutional interest and giving investors, unlike cryptos, stable and long-standing returns. 

RWA Price ($) Market Cap ($) TVL ($) Underlying asset Returns/commission (%) ATH ($)
Polymesh 0.12 107M Securities/regulated assets 10 0.49
Synthetix 1.95 528M 323M Synthetic assets 42
Landshare   0.47 1.8M Tokenized real estate  5-15
Maple Finance  5.90 26M Digital assets 10-13
Realio 0.14 947K
Private equity, real estate 1.5 to 3x 
Domani Protocol 0.14 12.7M Tokenized assets 250
Centrifuge 0.316 114M 4.5B Illiquid Debt 15.98
Alliance Block  0.06 46M Real-world asset markets

Top 8 RWAs You Cannot Afford To Miss in 2023 

Here are our top 8 picks for RWAs you cannot resist exploring: 

Polymesh (POLYX)

 It is one of the few permissioned layer-1 blockchains for security tokens. Smart-contract-based compliance and MERCAT-enabled asset issuance and transfers provide traders with security and privacy combined.  

Centrifuge (CFG)

The protocol brings debt products, such as invoices, real estate, revenue-based financing, etc., on-chain via liquidity pools on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Base. Centrifuge has received backing from Coinbase Ventures. Its TVL has seen 199% growth YoY. 

Synthetix (SNX)

Synthetix supports the backend for derivatives such as spots, futures, options, and atomic swaps via synthetic assets or synths. Built on Optimism and Ethereum, these synths track and allow returns on underlying assets. There is no need to hold the assets directly; instead, you enjoy high liquidity across EVM chains. 

Landshare (LAND)

 It allows investing in tokenized real estate assets directly on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for as low as $50. The tokens are asset-backed, yield-bearing, and tradeable on BSC.  LAND is the utility cum governance token, while RWA (LSRWA) is the security token of the platform. 

Use your LAND tokens for staking, NFTs, liquidity mining, lending, borrowing, and depositing in BUSD vaults to earn more rewards.  

Maple Finance (MPL)

It works with accredited institutional and individual investors to find lending opportunities for their digital assets. There are trusted custodians, brokers, and on-ramps to service the lenders with great lending opportunities. So far, Maple Finance has helped investors with $2.5 billion in loan originations and $257 in interest paid to liquidity pools.

Realio Network (RIO)

The platform allows digital securities and crypto asset issuance, investment, and life-cycle management. The platform combines the utilities of an on-chain P2P exchange, issuance platform, and enterprise-grade blockchain with institutional quality investment vehicles.

Domani Protocol (DEXTF)

It is an asset management protocol to help you manage portfolios and invest in assets through its mutual fund-like funds. These XTF funds are tradable like ETFs and redeemable for the underlying assets. Domani operates independently from Oracle feeds, which eliminates the risk of attacks. 

Alliance Block (NXRA)

The platform bridges traditional and decentralized finance to allow institutions and individuals to access and explore new markets. It provides the infrastructure and tools needed to integrate DeFi into TradFi and offers users the combined benefits of RWAs.   

RWA Staking  Governance NFT Ecosystem Scaling  Monthly Rentals Auto Compounding  Returns/ Commission Low/Zero Fees
Polymesh Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Synthetix Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes No
Landshare   Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Maple Finance  No Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Realio Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Domani Protocol Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes  Yes
Centrifuge No  Yes No Yes No No Yes No
Alliance Block No  Yes No Yes No No No Yes

Be An Early Mover and Start Investing in RWAs Today

The current breed of RWAs is diverse in its use cases and is still evolving. With the total market cap of the RWA sector reaching billions and staking rewards still high, this is the best time to give them a shot. 

Derivatives, real estate, equity, art – you name it. There’s one for everyone. Become a part of the financial revolution, invest in RWAs. 

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