World’s newest beach erosion solution with novel US technology

Miami, FL – Shoreline Protection Technology, a visionary company, has announced the invention of a groundbreaking device designed to stop and reverse shoreline erosion effectively and sustainably. This innovative technology emerges as a game-changer, promising a cheaper, safer, and more environmentally friendly approach to preserving coastlines.

This new technology was mainly invented by Gene Avakyan, who is a seasoned innovator with 26 years of experience in the US Federal government and private industry. He has managed over US $13 billion in government contracts, led financial application architecture for key Los Angeles city offices, and holds degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University. As the CEO of Edison Aerospace, he leads an aviation design and manufacturing company, making significant contributions to the future of the industry.

Gene Avakyan

The newly developed device, rooted in extensive research and patented advancements, stands out in the coastal preservation industry for its minimal environmental footprint that includes a biodegradable (PHA plastic) material option during the implementation process. It is engineered to reverse the effects of shoreline erosion, a pressing issue exacerbated by rising sea levels and intensifying storm events. 

“With this technology, we bring a cost-effective and efficient option to the table for governments and private parties alike, confronting one of the most urgent environmental challenges of our times,” says Gene Avakyan.

In a significant move, Shoreline Protection Technology has initiated dialogues with the United Arab Emirates and the coastal US states of California and Florida. The plans for 2024 – create this technology on all continents facing coastline erosion, including Africa and South America. These discussions focus on the implementation of its novel devices to tackle the pressing challenges of coastline erosion and mitigate the impacts of rising sea levels.

The technology developed by Shoreline Protection Technology is poised to offer a sustainable alternative to traditional coastal defense mechanisms, which often come with high costs and major adverse environmental impacts. The patented device presents an innovative approach that aligns with global sustainability goals and environmental stewardship.

The present solutions for erosion control are bad for marine ecosystems, killing off numerous organisms that populate the near-shore zone above and below the water line. Dredging especially poses a significant risk to the marine ecology and beachgoers. First, it wreaks havoc on the underwater ecosystem, causing the death of essential marine life by removing tons of sand from the sea floor. Second, the process of dumping this sand onto the beach leads to the burial of numerous small organisms, effectively smothering and killing them. Moreover, dredging disturbs heavy metal deposits settled on the sea floor, resulting in a toxic underwater environment and exposing beachgoers to these hazardous toxins. These three adverse impacts, coupled with the high cost of dredging and the need to repeat the process continuously as the new sand just washes away again, make it an unfavorable option for addressing beach erosion. Instead, it should be considered an emergency last resort for governments and municipalities when seeking solutions for combating this issue, as it exacts a heavy toll on the delicate coastal ecosystems.

The Shore Protection Technology system is novel and a solid step toward creating sustainable and ecologically sound methods of reversing coastal erosion. Shoreline Protection Technology’s breakthrough aligns with increasing global efforts to adapt to climate change in a sustainable manner. Its device is set to deliver not just immediate coastal protection but also long-term environmental benefits, reinforcing the company’s role as a leader in ecological innovation. The company is partnering with Edison Aerospace as a technical and research partner, and with VUGA Media Group to support its marketing efforts as a leader in marketing and media.

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