World’s First All-In-One Solution For Cryptocurrencies, CryptoHawk AG, Revolutionize The Financial Sector

World’s first all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies, CryptoHawk, proudly announce that their start finally enables a solution that brings all functions in the cryptocurrency market together. The Swiss-based company is using a state-of-the-art technology to connect everything that is relevant to cryptocurrency making it easy to exchange all currencies for offline purchases, cryptocurrency ATM’s, low-cost credit cards and a perfect payment solution for shop operators.

Making security as a prime priority, CryptoHawk has a robust hybrid infrastructure which uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure the safety of their clients’ sensitive data. CryptoHawk is the perfect financial solution for the cryptocurrency generation.

CryptoHawk is offering a unique ICO, tagged Crowdsales which lasts for one month or until the hidden cap is reached. Investors will receive 2000 so-called “Hawks” for an Ethereum. The Swiss-based company is giving a rare opportunity for crypto-investors to own Hawks which is limited to the crowdsale’s amount and cannot be expanded at a later date. Investors who own Hawks will receive a particularly attractive 25% profit participation from the trading fees.

“Everyday more and more people are investing into various cryptocurrencies. The market is still at the beginning and has grown already over $400 Billion growing more massively since the beginning. According to experts, the market growth opportunity is still fresh and you can also be a part of it.” Says Lennart Küster, CEO

“CryptoHawk is a stable and profitable all-in-one cryptocurrency solution. No matter the fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin, our system brings token holders profit – because it will be always traded. CryptoHawk currently offers everyone the opportunity to invest in this lucrative business.

About the CryptoHawk AG

Operating from Switzerland, CryptoHawk is led by a team of young, experienced and smart minds, security consultants, marketing experts, graphic designers, and programmers. The company is ready to bring their uniqueness, creativity, and integrity in the sensitive financial sector to revolutionize money completely.

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Contact Person: Thomas Hofmann

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