Worldcoin’s Irises Scans Jeopardize Human Security, Online Data Breach May Worsen the Situation.

Worldcoin’s Irises Scans Jeopardize

Eye Scan and Iris Scan of Ignorant Masses of the Third World Countries without Paying Them in Real-World Money Succinctly Elucidate the Dubious Practices of the Company.

Washington, USA, July 2023 – Considering the importance of the internet age, web 2.0 and the recurrent lure of crypto-currency, it is imperative to effectively gauge all the loopholes linked to the digital currency platforms. Recurrent news regarding digital currencies scam makes headlines every now and then creating doubts even in the minds of people who are the users of some very genuine digital currency platforms. Worldcoin seems to be no exception. The company has suffered heavy backlash owing to the eye scan, iris scan and other biometric measures the company receives during the registration process.

The company’s website called Worldcoin as a “new, collectively owned global currency that will be distributed fairly to as many people as possible”. The context of the statement reveals that Worldcoin is a futuristic plan and has nothing to do with the current value of any currency exchange. Surprisingly, the registration process solely hinges on iris scan of the users with a device known as “Chrome Orb”. The Chrome orb is equipped with highly advanced sensors that not only scan eye but the whole body as well, taking high resolution images. Poverty, lack of knowledge regarding digital currencies, unemployment and multiple other reasons mostly compel the people of the third world countries to plunge into the trouble for a coin that itself has not seen the light of the day.

The company is frequently encountering backlash because neither the representatives of the company nor the orb operators know the answers to some basic questions about Worldcoin. This led many users to believe that the giveaway of $20 is a game played to collect biometric data of the population. One user aptly questioned the credibility of Worldcoin by asking, “Why did Worldcoin target lower-income communities in the first place, instead of crypto enthusiasts or communities?”

Interestingly, Worldcoin is available neither in the US nor in Canada due to its mysterious procedure of data collection. Consequently, it becomes a matter of serious concerns for the rest of the nations as well. The company, therefore, had to stop its field tests in some countries. Experts in the field of digital currencies call it “Crypto Colonialism” as such dubious acts are imposed on the vulnerable masses of the third world countries. People with little money and almost no legal protection are the soft target of such kind of data collection operations.

Worldcoin had scanned over more than half a million people across the globe, mostly from the poor nations. To be precise, the orbs had scanned more than half a million set of eyes, bodies and faces. The company aims at stopping the procedure of data collection because of some inherent issues, apparently the malfunctioning of the orbs. Even if the company stops its operations of data collection, what measures have been taken to safeguard the iris scans (eye scans) of those half a million people? Is $20 the final price for their iris scans and body scans?

It is high time to question the moral authority of such operations. Almost half a million people should not be posed to the dangers of crypto colonialism. After all, these people deserve basic security rights and should not succumb to “Uniformed Consent”.                    

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