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World Spice Coated Casing Market Size by 2028: Global Demand and Regional Analysis

Global Spice Coated Casing: Market Overview

Spice-coated casings are casings that enable transferring of fine- or coarse-grained spice coatings onto food items like cheese, sausage, etc. These coatings are easy to handle and ensure the safety of food items. Spice-coated casings are generally made from either natural or synthetic sources. Materials used in the manufacturing of spice-coated casings have important properties, such as impermeability and high barrier qualities.

The spice-coated casing ensures proper application of species over the entire surface of a food item, which results in a uniform taste and aroma. The manufacturing of synthetic spice-coated casing includes the use of materials, such as smoke permeable woven fabrics, permeable spun woven polyethylene material and many others. These materials allow smoke penetration in encased products.

Global Spice Coated Casing Market: Dynamics

The global spice-coated casing market is being driven by some major factors, such as increasing population and urbanization. Spice-coated casings lead to good adhesion of spices to the product. Changing lifestyles and growing consumer preference for artificial casings over traditional casings are the two factors driving the growth of the global spice-coated casing market. Moreover, the increasing number of fast-food chain restaurants and modernization, especially in Asian countries, is also escalating the demand for spice-coated casings.

Global Spice Coated Casing Market: Key Development

  • Kalle GmbH launched roasted flavor casings in July 2017. This spice coated casing provides an aroma and deep-fried appearance without being deep-fried, especially for food items like meat and sausages
  • Viskase Companies, Inc. acquired 100% shares of the Walsroder Casings Group, a supplier and manufacturer of high-quality spice coated casings for sausage products on January 12, 2017

Global Spice Coated Casing Market: Segmentation

Based on application type, the global spice coated casings can be segmented into:

  • Dry sausage
  • Smoked pork and ham
  • Cheese

Based on material type, the global spice coated casings market can be segmented into:

  • Real parchment
  • Woven fabric
  • Protein coated woven fabric
  • Plastic coated woven fabric
  • Hardened protein

Based on spice coating type, the global spice coated casings can be segmented into:

  • Spice sheets
  • Spice cut pieces
  • Spice reels

Based on product type, the global spice coated casings can be segmented into:

  • Rolled Tubing Casings
  • Flat Sheets Casings
  • End Sealed Casings
  • Cut Sleeves Casings

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