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World Heroes NFT Collection by Renowned Photographer Peter Badge

Since 2000, photo artist Peter Badge has been portraying all living Nobel Laureates together with leading scientists, politicians, artists, actors, men on the moon, musicians and philanthropists. Now Badge has teamed up with The AceMeta Company  – a virtual mall for avatars in the Metaverse – to make this work available to collectors digitally for the first time in pieces as NFTs.

AceMeta’s (TAMc)  first NFT project with Peter Badge is based on Badge’s photography portrait series of Nobel Laureates. In this remarkable array of portraits of some of the world’s most accomplished individuals, the photographer depicts the faces of impressive personalities whose scientific expertise or achievements provides the bedrock of their teaching and intellectual achievements.  

As luminaries of their respective fields, they stand for continuing study and addressing universal issues. The first hero drop in the collection, Illogical Logic, which is based on John Nash, will be minted on May 23rd, 2022.

Peter Badge’s Portraits Uniquely Captures the Human Behind the Hero

(By Peter Badge from left to right Nelson Mandela, Kim Dae Jung, Jimmy Wales)

The World Heroes by Peter Badge is a manifestation of creative digital art that explores the boundaries of how technology can empower the heroes pictured in captivating portraits to emanate their life achievements.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Peter Badge set off on a unique journey in 2000: to photograph every living Nobel Laureate. The project, which turned out to be a long-term mission was commissioned by a group of renowned organizations including the Deutsches Museum in Bonn, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Museum of American History, and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., as well as his partners, the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings and the Foundation Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings at Lake Constance. 

In that time, Badge has created an impressive collection of over 400 photo portraits of Nobel Laureates. Badge’s photographs are so unique because they show a different, more personal side of the laureates’ impressive personalities. The photos offer an intimate and compelling look at well-known laureates and their very individual personalities, bringing collectors face-to-face with Nelson Mandela, John Nash, Rita Levi-Montalcini, and Oska Sala among others.

Marc Pachter, former director of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, commented on Peter Badge’s portraits: 

“[Peter Badge] doesn’t do icons, he uses the phrase World Heroes because they are Heroes, but he is really interested in their humanity and that’s what we love and he makes us believe that we might even participate in the humanity of this great person that they are not so distant from us. Peter is one of the few people that can achieve that.”

The collection will feature a series of digital art NFTs that interweaves creative utility and mechanics for each hero that can only be revealed through art. More details about the release will be shared on the AceMeta social media channels soon. Be sure to join their community to stay updated on the official launch and reserve your spot for the minting.

Introducing the First “MetaMall” in the Metaverse

The AceMeta Company (TAMc) was set up with the vision to build and operate a culturally inclusive virtual mall in the Metaverse (AceMall). Their goal is to help the underprivileged that currently lack the resources to develop their talents and provide a digital creative space for creators, in order to be the de facto virtual mall for Avatars to shop for accessories in the Metaverse. To achieve this, TAMc will construct a 3-pillar ecosystem with the following building blocks:

  1. A community with people that have equal opportunities to succeed while possessing true autonomy of their virtual assets. 
  2. An immersive platform where creators can sell their assets within the Metaverse. 
  3. NFT backed technology to support the trading of assets within AceMall that can support cross platform usage. AceMall will be developed to give our users a fully immersive retail experience.

The collaboration with Peter Badge is the first in a series of collaborative projects lined up, which will see millions of digital items and accessories tokenized to be showcased on their NFT marketplace. These items will be compatible across the meta multiverse allowing the collectors to transfer or move them across various metaverses.

To learn more AceMeta and Peter Badge NFT launch, please visit the AceMeta website to RSVP for the minting event.:





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