World Halal Summit Mints Attendee Soulbound NFT Tickets via Web Partner MRHB

World Halal Summit Mints Attendee Soulbound NFT Tickets via Web Partner MRHB

World’s first ethical and halal decentralized finance (DeFi) platform MRHB.Network has joined the World Halal Summit as an exclusive Web3 partner and has minted and distributed Soulbound Tokens (SBT) to all expo attendees.

The Soulbound NFT tickets serve a practical purpose as verifiable proof that conference attendees have paid for their tickets to the World Halal Summit.

MRHB.Network has always been a big supporter of halal expos around the world, and its current status as the Official Partner of the World Halal Summit further reaffirms this fact. MRHB CEO and founder Naquib Mohammed said that “there has been tremendous interest in crypto and digital assets by Muslim communities” in recent years. 

“Offering decentralized financial services that are truly halal from the ground up,” Naquib shares that the MRHB team is grateful for the opportunity to share these solutions with the World Halal Summit attendees.

The World Halal Summit is the largest halal conference in the world and last year’s event attracted thousands of people from over 96 different countries. This year’s summit will feature high-profile speakers and extinguished personalities including the Head of the Turkish government’s Department of Participation Finance, the Director of the Turkish government’s Department of Participation Finance, and the Acting Department Head of the Turkish Halal Accreditation Agency. Other keynote speakers and industry professionals will also be speaking at the event.

TijarX Gold Rush: USD10,000 Gold tokens up for grabs

MRHB DeFi is launching ‘Gold Rush’ Campaign to commemorate the launch of their new commodities exchange TijarX. MRHB DeFi is giving away a total of US$10,000 in Gold Standard ($AUS) halal tokenized gold to fortunate winners of their Campaign. Users will need to buy a minimum of US$100 worth of AUS on TijarX, MRHB DeFi’s decentralized commodities exchange in order to be eligible to join the campaign and win actual gold-backed tokens (ticker: AUS).

TijarX is accessible on iOS and Android via Sahal Wallet, a multi-chain, multi-asset self-custodial halal crypto wallet. Winners will be ranked as shown below: 

  • $5K prize to the highest AUS net buyer 
  • $3K prize to the second-highest AUS net buyer 
  • $1K prize to the third-highest AUS net buyer 
  • 10 X $100 prizes to 10 lucky draw winners 

Kindly follow MRHB on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the campaign and ecosystem updates.

MRHB: Ethical and Halal Web3 Network

Globally, there are over 1.8 billion Muslims and other people who are looking for an ethical gateway to take advantage of the opportunities of web3 and digital assets; the halal decentralized finance platform powered by MRHB DeFi provides an entry point for everyone into Web3 and the cryptoverse.

To ensure ethical, halal offerings, each token and product within the MRHB ecosystem is subject to a rigorous halal screening process. In the coming months, the first halal cryptocurrency income and the staking solution will both go live. Four other launches, including interest-free financing, decentralized philanthropy (DePhi), an entrepreneur launchpad, and decentralized autonomous governance, are planned for 2023.

About MRHB.Network 

MRHB means ‘welcome’ and is the world’s first Web3 platform that empowers the community with an ethical and halal approach to decentralized finance. By following values-based financial and business principles, we are creating a trusted ecosystem where both experts and novices can safely and easily access the full power of DeFi. 

Our diverse team comprises researchers, technocrats, influencers, Islamic fintech experts, business entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, who have all come together to ensure that MRHB fulfills its impact mission to benefit society as a whole with DeFi, by bridging the gap between faith-conscious communities and the blockchain world. 

For more updates, follow MRHB.Network on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube and join their Telegram community.

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