Work Stress Management: Kilo Health’s Results Suggest Online Therapy as the Superior Tool

Work Stress Management: Kilo Health's Results Suggest Online Therapy as the Superior Tool

There has been a boom in interest in mental health for years, and with it has come many solutions for managing stress effectively. As the digital revolution coincided with an increase in mental health awareness, online therapy tools have become abundant too, but do they work for managing stress caused by work?

The results from Kilo Health suggest so. Find out how below.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy may refer to a number of different digital mental health tools available, like apps that put you in touch with a therapist for online counseling sessions and therapy apps that use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools.

As a leader in the digital health space, it’s no surprise that Kilo Health offers its own effective virtual tool for managing stress and improving your mental health; the Sensa app.

This app uses CBT to help users find ways to regulate anxiety, deal with stress, and use calming methods when they feel overwhelmed. It even has a journaling space that allows users to monitor and analyze their behaviors, as well as identify emotional triggers–and yes, it does help with work-related stress too!

Can Online Therapy Be Self-Led?

Many of the online therapy and mental health-based apps out there are self-led. And though they do require users to be proactive in trying to minimize stress, they can be effective for those who use them.

CBT is commonly used in therapy settings with a licensed health professional, but therapy apps that are informed by this approach have also been proven to work. In fact, research published in Mhealth found that digital mental health interventions were an effective tool when used to self-treat both anxiety and depression.

In addition to their efficacy, mental health apps also open the world of therapy up to the masses. Online therapy allows people to meet with therapists via videoconferencing apps.

Very few people don’t have a mobile phone these days, meaning that a previously inaccessible aspect of healthcare can now be accessed easily on a smartphone. It is also a much more cost-effective approach and can be used by those whose insurance does not cover in-person, traditional therapy.

Kilo Health and Work Stress

Kilo Health has been looking at how employers can offer better health interventions for their employees for a long time. With the UAB Kilo Grupe B2B scheme, Kilo Health for Business, employers can support their employees’ health using a portfolio of Kilo Grupe’s innovative apps.

Sensa is a part of this scheme and is an effective tool for employees struggling with work-related stress. With multiple features informed by CBT, a well-known therapeutic technique used for managing stress, Sensa can support employees’ mental health and help them overcome stress before it overcomes them. Individuals can use calming exercises, like deep breathing and meditation to reduce work-related stress and anxiety.

Whether an individual decision, or an employee-wide initiative, access to mental health interventions is vital in this day and age, and Kilo Health are at the forefront of offering app-based solutions that truly work.

Final Thoughts

Mental health and stress reduction are hot topics at present, with more and more people considering how their mental health may affect their physical health. Work-related stress can cause issues for employers with employees calling in sick or decreasing productivity. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get a handle on it.

Kilo Health, a leader in digital solutions, has proven once again that app-based health interventions can be just as effective as traditional ones. Check out their Kilo Health for Business scheme now to find a way to support your employee’s mental health.

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