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WordPress vs custom-designed websites – which is better for your business website?

WordPress Website Design

Having the right digital marketing strategy in place is the prerequisite for the creation of successful digital platforms for businesses today. Custom-designed systems and WordPress CMS are the major players in this field, providing functions and tools to users for the creation of their website platforms. WordPress is a very popular and widely used open-source system that allows users to create content in a quick, simple, and cost-effective manner. The add-ons and plugins provided by WordPress CMS can be effectively employed by users to optimize templates according to their website design and development needs.

In the case of custom-designed websites, professionals like web developers, web designers, or web design companies, are involved in the development process from grass root level catering to client needs and specifications. Custom-designed websites have proven to be a great success in offering curated and unique product experiences of the brand to the targeted audience, boosting the business reputation, and brand image, and also allows for better sales and revenue generation.

Custom design websites, in comparison with WordPress CMS, require substantial financial investment but provide greater optimization, security, and customization solutions. Custom-developed websites are mainly employed by manufacturers, mid to top-tiered companies, and manufacturers who have a certain service or product to market to a vast demographic and also maintain a positive interaction with their customers. WordPress CMS is majorly used by small business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and so on.

To understand which fairs well, WordPress CMS or custom-designed website for your business website, let’s do some comparisons between the two.

Branding cohesiveness

With the help of professionals like web developers and designers assisting you with your custom design websites, you can ensure that the design of your website is the focal point. You can provide a strong voice for your brand by utilizing new technological features, research-driven content, high-quality images, etc, provided under the scope of custom design of websites. You can create a unique interface and character for your website by thinking beyond just colors and logos! In terms of personalization, WordPress has several limitations.

SEO optimization

When the goal is to create a profitable and successful digital marketing platform, ensuring SEO-friendly attributes for the platform is very important. If you want to increase traffic to your website and make sure it gets converted to profitable sales, improving the visibility of your website through SEO optimization strategies is of utmost importance. That is the reason most SEO companies prefer custom designed websites.

Users can avail of various SEO functionalities via SEO optimization plug-ins that WordPress offers. Such plug-ins can be added to the website for free but usage of some of the SEO functionalities comes with additional prices. Adding such plugins does not require much technical expertise and is hassle-free. Since they are not well-tested and may carry hidden malware you run the risk of security attacks on your website. Such type of plug-ins sees frequent updates and installation of newer versions are a necessity. If updation is ignored, your website may be subjected to breakdowns and also incompatibility issues.

In the case of custom design websites, you can undertake native development of SEO elements to your website. In doing so, you can easily accommodate any advanced SEO requirements of your website, at any given time. As such, custom design websites are well equipped to provide optimum customization for your website at all given times. As WordPress offers limited scope for accommodating ever-evolving SEO requirements presented by search engine algorithms, custom-designed websites can be considered the best solution for accurate and foolproof SEO optimization for your business website.

Enhanced security

The optimal functioning of a website is largely dependent on its security features. In the current global scenario, even well-established companies with highly secure servers aren’t safe from the threat of hackers. Any occurrence of a cyber attack can lead to the loss of valuable data and also affect the trustworthiness of a brand. WordPress CMS is an easier target for hackers compared to custom design websites.

In the case of WordPress, even though it provides security optimization plugins regular maintenance and updation are of absolute necessity. If a loophole in WordPress plug-ins or templates can be found by a hacker, he/ she can use it for hacking websites that use the same plugins/ templates. Due to this very reason, most often WordPress and other template-based websites are more prone to attacks than custom-designed websites. Constant monitoring and regular updation of your website’s security features need to be the top priority, be it WordPress CMS or custom websites.

Since custom design websites are coded bottom up, accessing the information regarding how the website is built would be almost next to impossible. Even if a hacker does manage to attack a custom design platform, the damage will be limited to only the current one in consideration and not any other. Professionals who have the best expertise and careful consideration for web security are employed in the creation of custom websites. Therefore, in comparison with WordPress websites, custom-designed websites are far more secure and can give you much-needed peace of mind concerning the safety of your website!

Speed and optimization

In today’s competitive business environment, one of the most successful ways to drive your business forward is to pique your audience’s interest in your business and its services. With WordPress, easier content optimization is possible owing to its various functionalities and plug-ins for users to choose from. Your website will become less SEO friendly, have a lot of clutter in its HTML structure, and also be slower when it is done with WordPress because the WordPress templates are embedded with numerous elements that are suited for various case scenarios.

Since custom-developed websites have functions and elements that are included for creating a better user interface for your website, they have faster processing rates in comparison with WordPress websites. You can increase traffic to your website for better performance of your business with increased page speed and performance. In the case of custom-designed solutions, optimization possibilities are endless. Custom-designed websites provide you with the best optimization tools that can be incorporated into the framework and design of your website and be customized from time to time.

Better customization

Custom development of your website can provide you with the best scope and capabilities of complex functionalities and features needed for your website. If you have complex requirements for your website functions, WordPress may not be the best choice even though it provides plug-ins that are capable of catering to various basic functions of a website. Custom-designed websites can be built well so that their framework can be added with custom design functions capable of meeting the short and long terms goals of your business.

Better design

The design and style of our website are detrimental to creating an impression of your brand in the minds of your audience. Even though WordPress does provide free templates with good themes and plugins, it does not allow for flexibility in terms of creating unique designs that can help your business stay stand apart. WordPress templates with specific themes need to be set up in a certain manner. Though the process to get it done is fairly easy, any changes done to the theme might result in a broken design for your website and may also not guarantee the same structure as before. You will need to opt for premium subscriptions for access to better themes and templates. If you want your website to have a unique brand image, then WordPress may not be the best option.

With the help of custom-designed websites, you can liberally add styles, specific buttons, design themes, etc, in the way that you like to create specific service-oriented/product-oriented websites for your business. You will also be guaranteed full control over the look and feel of your website. In the case of WordPress CMS, it is difficult to add custom-built user experiences and services that can add more value to your brand and make your business stand out from the rest.

Enhanced Credibility

The reputation of your business can be negatively affected, if your website seems similar to other business websites which can be quickly noticed by the audience that you intend to cater to. Custom-designed websites can greatly help you in creating a credible and positive impression of your brand/ business among your audience. With a professional design for your website, you can better gain the trust of your website visitors and your targeted audience. The addition of good quality, research-driven content can not only create a strong impression for your business but also yield favorable results in search engine ranking and optimization.

Web development companies are the best choice for any custom design needs. They can help you with road map creation for your website which can ensure that any changes to your website can be accommodated and also the design of your website is optimized to reflect your brand image and story.

Both custom-designed websites and WordPress websites can function well as website creation and management systems. They are utilized by different sectors and categories of people for various purposes. According to what your needs are, the suitability of both custom-designed websites and WordPress CMS will vary.

WordPress is a quick, affordable, and hassle-free way to create websites with fairly well functionalities. By choosing a custom design solution, on the other hand, you can be guaranteed the best return on investment for your business owing to the better optimization, greater security and customization features custom design websites provides.

If you are thinking of the best for the productivity and growth of your business, investing in a good website design and development team can help ensure that your design ideas for your brand/ business are best utilized. Since digital marketing has become the make-or-break factor for every business today, custom-designed websites are the best choice.

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