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WordPress Contractor Theme: Your Ultimate Guide

Wordpress Contractor

The construction and handyman firm is a business that requires constant attention. In addition to selecting excellent, modern, and durable materials for interior development and the house project, you must plan the company’s growth. Therefore, it’s good that many products are at hand that allow you to create a simple, beautiful, and user-friendly website quickly. The contractor WordPress theme is necessary. With ready-made site layouts, you launch the project very quickly. Also, business owners and marketers easily cope with updating a long-standing online store or web page.

In this article, we cover this topic as widely as possible. The information helps you reduce the time to search for and choose a suitable design. We also reveal the secret of significant savings on creating a new project. So read, get inspired, and start taking active action.

What Is a Contractor WordPress Theme

These items are compatible only with the CMS specified in the title.

So, WordPress is known for the following advantages:

  • The simplicity of work. The admin panel is reasonably competent and logical. This point is why beginners love this content management system.
  • Free of charge. Of course, there are paid rates and other CMS, for instance, Magento, PrestaShop, or Shopify. But users may start without nesting. Further, by delving into the essence and possibility in more detail, you conclude whether buying an advanced version is necessary.
  • Many templates. The variety is impressive. At the same time, there are separate collections exclusively for antique business, repair, sale of construction, and finishing materials. You may find both paid and free options. We will tell you why spending a couple of tens of dollars for a paid layout below is better.
  • Updates are free.

Some disadvantages you should take into account:

  • Lack of support. However, on the Internet, specialists write many manuals on various topics. Similar articles are easy to find. At the same time, you receive a product with support by buying the contractor WordPress theme on trusted marketplaces (for example, TemplateMonster).
  • Users receive a large number of layouts and extensions with errors. That’s why it’s worth turning to a reliable marketplace once again.
  • Site’s protection minuses. But this question is well resolved. Check with the programmer. He immediately gives a hint that is best in your case.

Comparing all the pros and cons, CMS is still considered one of the most popular worldwide. It’s the leader in the users’ numbers for a reason. Therefore, if your choice falls on this content management system, the choice is well justified.

Advantages Of Contractor WordPress Theme

Wordpress Contractor

Since there are many different templates worldwide, you need to choose wisely. For example, we went to the TemplateMonster website for suitable thematic designs. There are so many options that the marketplace makes special collections for its clients. For instance, you see a group just for construction, handyman, and repair companies on the link. At the same time, the company’s size or budget is unimportant. The list includes a ready-made site appearance of large firms, private roofing contractors, and handypersons.

The list of benefits buyers like the most unites the sites. So let’s consider them in more detail.

Free Support

As mentioned earlier, the help of a specialist may come in handy. After all, the selected CMS doesn’t have support managers. The company web developer of paid layouts offers this service as one of the significant advantages compared to free analogs.

Great Instruction

The manual is capable of teaching management and settings even to a beginner. All you need is a desire. Of course, buyers can always resort to the help of a specialist on the side. However, it’s nice to know that there is ready-made instruction with straightforward tips in an urgent case.


Remember, such marketplaces as TemplateMonster have long forgotten about crooked and ugly mobile versions. Therefore, the process of adaptation to different gadgets takes place automatically. Furthermore, web developers describe this function as Responsive in the description. Therefore, your construction company will look beautiful, presentable, and logical on smartphone, tablet, and laptop screens.

Possibility Of Editing

The more settings and editing options, the cooler the product is. After all, web developers spend a lot of time on these features. In addition, when buying a quality item, the client is confident that any appearance detail can be edited and adjusted.

Drag and Drop

The more technologies involved in web development, the better. You can drag photos of workers and interior design directly from the laptop. Forget about the long and tedious editing of website code.

How To Choose: Main Rules

First, the demo is your everything. Seeing the appearance before you buy it is a fantastic opportunity. You immediately understand the style, the principal visual elements, and how they suit you.

Secondly, the characteristics may differ. At first glance, the same description may be completely different in practice. The presence or absence of one function changes the result and affects the achievement of goals. Therefore, always carefully read the description. Do this, especially before paying.

Thirdly, write an approximate list of qualities that the purchase should have. This point makes it easier to filter out inappropriate templates according to their characteristics.

How To Save Money

Starting a project costs the business owner large budgets. However, not everyone can allocate a lot of money. For instance, well-known construction firms can pay a certain amount. However, a handyperson needs help to afford such investments.

We advise you to follow these tips:

  • Follow the sales. Of course, waiting months for a suitable design for discounts is unnecessary. However, look closer at those templates from sales. TemplateMonster organizes discounts, and perfect goods with excellent and valuable functions fall into the section.
  • Use MonsterOne. This membership is a separate project offering to download a massive amount of monthly products for little money. In addition, MonsterOne gives you unlimited items within the tariff you buy. At the same time, the library has new and popular graphics, audio, and video content, plugins, and much more.
  • Consider the purchase’s benefits. Sometimes, at first glance, an expensive product significantly saves your wallet. For instance, after reading the description, you’ll find that you will get many extra bonuses, plugins, and other utilities.

Below we have presented beautiful sites in your activity direction and several options for ready-made designs on TemplateMonster.

Cool Construction Projects

Wordpress Contractor

As an example of inspiration, we used the most famous firms. These corporations have ready-made facilities all over the world. Let’s see what the websites of such construction giants look like:

  1. Laing O’Rourke is a British company named after its founder. It’s relatively new because the owner formed it in the second half of the 20th century. Among the extraordinary objects he created and restored are such famous as the beach complex in Abu Dhabi and Heathrow Airport in London.

The site is quite impressive and unique. Only white and black are used to give solidity to the background shades. Bright accents are made precisely with the help of photographs. In addition, you see a sample of modern classics. It’s also worth noting that a Lazy Loud effect helps the Homepage work quickly.

  1. Royal BAM Group is a Dutch company with a history spanning several centuries. The firm cooperates all over the world. In the past, he had projects in Britain and Germany.

Despite the vast experience behind the bill and multi-million dollar contracts, the website looks modest. The color scheme is white-green. There is one non-distracting animation when hovering over pictures. That’s all the visual effects. The main emphasis is on informativeness.

There are many such examples. Therefore, it’s possible to conclude that the maximum laconicism of graphics is in vogue now, only necessary blocks and details and simplicity of execution.

Best Contractor WordPress Theme

Wordpress Contractor


The section’s appearance allows readers to present any business related to repairing or constructing new houses and real estate in an elegant, beautiful, and presentable manner. Here visitors also find an excellent layout for the Blog, a Google map where they may put houses placement or company offices, and the Retina Ready to have a good appearance on Apple gadgets. A separate plus is loading a video in the background to add dynamics and style.


This template is perfect if you represent the other type of service. It’s beautiful. The shades in the color scheme look fresh and new. The professional cleaning, dry cleaning, and finishing work will fit such an appearance. As a bonus, buyers receive a solid list of excellent-quality pictures. Also, the template is SEO-friendly, meaning its buyers quickly reach the desired positions in Google. Drag and Drop content dramatically simplifies the process of filling sections with images.


Even a small business with one employee can create an excellent website. This way, you get a loyal audience that trusts more than advertisements on poles and fences. Helpful Video On Editing The Contractor WordPress Theme

Contractor WordPress Theme FAQ

Why is the WordPress contractor template better than the free one?

It has constant updates. Therefore, it works without failures. Also, web developers offer you a support manager, which speaks of their confidence in the quality of their product.

Where to find a general contractor WordPress theme?

There are similar goods even in the admin panel of the site itself. However, users should select other options. After all, you become one of thousands of users. You won’t find uniqueness. It’s better to search for successful and beautiful examples on TemplateMonster – a trusted resource with a long history.

What is the difference between a WordPress contract plugin and a template?

A plugin is a separate block or function. The template is a complex work that completely changes the site’s appearance.

Who needs a general contractor WordPress theme?

Any business wants the purchase. New companies require the most current landing or website. Experienced firms need periodic design updates to be better than their competitors. Therefore, if something doesn’t suit you in appearance or functionality, this is a reason to look for a suitable template.

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