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Wooden Name Train



A wooden name train is a toy that consists of a series of wooden letters spelling out a word. The letters are connected using metal rods. When the train starts moving, the letters roll along the track.

Wooden name trains are fun toys for kids, but they also provide educational value. They teach children about letter recognition, phonics, and vocabulary.


Who Makes Wooden Name Train

The Wooden Name Train was created by Kevin O’Brien in 1987. It is designed to help children learn their names and recognize them. When the child touches the train, a voice says their name, followed by a sound effect. There are two versions – standard and high-tech. In 2014, the company introduced a hybrid version called the NN3 Hybrid, combining both modern technology and classic wooden elements. Children can play their favorite games and watch videos while learning their names. The toy is educational and fun for kids of any age! The name train concept was invented by Paul Stojanovich. He started making toys out of wood at age 12. His first idea was a train set. Since then, he’s been designing, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, and selling his brands of toys and products. He has designed over 500 toys and games for children around the world.



 Wooden Name Train: An Amazing Toy That Makes Learning Fun

A wooden name train toy was developed for naming children’s toys. Each car features seven letters (or numbers) that kids can slide onto a track to make their unique names. All of the cars fit inside each other and have slots at the bottom where kids can insert them into tracks to create their names. Kids can use any number of these wooden trains to spell out words or build sentences. The wooden trains can become a great educational tool if they’re used appropriately


  1. Wooden Name Train Set

The wooden name train set was designed for children who love to learn and discover new things. In addition to learning about geography, this toy teaches kids how to identify different objects. While playing with this toy, children can practice their spelling skills and improve their vocabulary.


  1. Wooden Shape Puzzle Game

This fun puzzle game makes learning shapes educational and enjoyable. Children can use pieces of wood to build three-dimensional shapes. As they try to put the blocks back together, they have to remember where each piece goes. This helps children become familiar with shapes and develops their spatial reasoning skills.


  1. Wooden Compass

Children can explore their world using this compass. Kids can play with the magnetic piece and learn about north, south, east, west, and directions. Kids can also take turns using the compass to find the north and then try to find the direction of the north again to show others.


Educational wooden name train lets kids learn to read


The wooden name train comes with a variety of different characters printed on each wheel. Kids can read the words simply by pulling the right character across the track. There is also a small button located at the bottom of each character. Pressing the button makes the corresponding letter appear above the track, giving children the opportunity to practice reading in the easiest possible environment.

Each wooden letter includes a sticker sheet featuring several simple words. Parents can choose the words they wish their child to learn and then place the stickers on the appropriate spots. In addition to helping children learn to read, the wooden letters offer parents a convenient way to teach their kids the alphabet and basic counting skills. Wooden letters are a fun way to bring education to life and inspire early childhood learners. Educating children is a lifelong pursuit, and these wooden letters offer parents and educators a way to accomplish this task in a manner that encourages creativity and promotes imagination.

Learn about English letters with this wooden name train for kids

  1. Alphabet Train

The alphabet train lets children learn about each letter of the alphabet while they play. Each car has a different theme related to the letter it represents. A toddler can ride along, choosing any car he or she wants. When a child finishes riding the train, he or she gets the chance to decorate a little house. Once done, the houses are displayed in an area where parents can read their names to their young ones. The trains are built from pine wood with colorful paint jobs.

  1. ABC Trains Set

Children ages three and older enjoy playing with this set of trains featuring the familiar ABC characters. Two sets of cars are include—one for adults and the other for toddlers. In addition, two magnetic track pieces are include in case both models are being play at once

  1. Wooden Letters

This set of wooden letters includes eight different letters of the alphabet, including consonants and vowels. Children can use the letters to make words of their own.


Kids love this awesome wooden name train

This is an amazing and unique gift idea for any occasion! Kids love moving toys and they’ll have hours of fun playing with this cool wooden toy name train set!

The wood craft kit comes with everything you need to build 12 different wooden name train and cars – just add paint and glue! Your kids will enjoy painting their names on the rolling stock and watching them move along the tracks. The wooden track features colorful circles and zig-zags to help keep little ones’ attention on the rails. You can even make up some special messages to write on the vehicles using the included stickers. A great way to get creative while encouraging creativity at home!

**Recommended age group: 2 years +

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