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Wooden Mezzanines: How To Design Wooden Ceilings

Building a wooden mezzanine or wood roof in a new home or thinking about the possibility of adding it to a home of considerable height (approximately 5 meters) as is the case with old ones is a great economic and aesthetic option that will allow us to enjoy a new environment adapted to our needs. This type of work is done by wood carpenters.

Thus, the mezzanine is a wooden loft that allows for the separation of one floor from another within the various levels of any building and works as a roof at the same time. If you find the implementation of a wooden mezzanine appealing for your home, it is advisable to get a quotation from the carpenters because like other services, costs differ depending on the kind of service that is to be rendered.

What amount of load a wooden mezzanine can bear?

The mezzanines are of wooden construction and the proposed structure for the beams is simple with no tongue and groove to be placed on top. This is where the beams are placed that will have to bear the weight of the floor and thus it is structures. The measurement that typically ranges in support of this type of structures is around 120 kilos per square meter. However, this will depend on the specific structure of the item, and thus, it is advised to consult a specialist before using it on specific structures.

Which kind of wood for mezzanine is appropriate?

The Paraná pine is one of the most used, but there are other types such as the guayubira, the ellioti pine, the saligan or the grandis, both for the beams and for the machimbre. Semi-hard woods such as anchico or ibirapitá are also highly recommended.

On the other hand, laminated beams give very good results, since they do not have knots or deformations. In any case, if you have doubts about which wood is best for your wooden mezzanine, it is best to ask a specialist, who will advise you in a personalized way.

How to make a wooden mezzanine structure

Before making the decision to make a wooden mezzanine, it is necessary to assess whether or not our space is valid for this type of structures. One of the fundamental requirements is that there must be sufficient height and space, but it is also important to have natural ventilation and good lighting. Now, just because this requirement is not met does not mean that a wooden mezzanine cannot be built, since, even if there is not enough height, it can be built to simply use this structure as storage.

The beams can be supported on wooden columns with another lateral support beam or on 90º box-type supports fixed with fixing bits. If we do not have any type of installation that runs at that height of the wall, another widely used variable is to brace the beams 10 cm from the wall. Now, it is important to have professionals to make wooden mezzanines or any other renovation that involves some difficulty.

Distance between wooden ceiling joists

The standard ceiling beam section size is approximately 10cm high and 15cm wide. However, for lower ceilings, 8 cm high beams are recommended. As for the distance between beams, it should be between 70 and 80 cm between each one.

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