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Wodo Network: Advancing the Digital Frontier Through Innovative Solutions and Global Reach


In a continuously evolving digital realm, Wodo Network emerges as a driving force for groundbreaking advancements, pioneering innovative solutions at the convergence of blockchain technology, the metaverse, and the next generation of Web3. The institutional blockchain service company founded in 2021 by the visionary duo Bekir Dağ and Serhat Tanrıkut. Wodo Network strategically positioned itself to superhead transformative solutions in gaming, finance, and  the immersive world of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR & VR). This strategic positioning serves as a beacon, propelling businesses into the next era of digital advancement.

Cultivating the Future Through Strategic Investments and Partnerships

Wodo Network’s growth is marked by key partnerships and substantial investments. A significant milestone was reached with a $1 million investment from VBT Software Inc, aimed at driving development across multiple sectors of the software landscape. This investment is part of a series that has culminated in Wodo Network receiving a total of $3 million, a significant leap in its pursuit of redefining digital transformation.

Global Reach and Strategic Realignments

Wodo Network’s strategic expansion extends its global reach through a foray into the Turkish market, realized with the establishment of WODO TECHNOLOGY Inc. Furthe, the company has undertaken a strategic realignment, forming a symbiotic partnership with VBT Europe AG, now reborn as ZENITHWAVES. This profound realignment isn’t merely a change in name; it signifies a concerted effort to amalgamate their intellectual property and product portfolios under a single, unified banner. This consolidation sets the stage for the effortless deployment of pioneering solutions on a global scale, where innovative offerings are seamlessly integrated and leveraged across borders, fostering a new era of transformative impact.

Commitment to Adaptability and Diversity

The company’s meticulous planning ensures that each initiative is adaptable and relevant to the diverse needs of a global audience. Additional investments from ZeithGeld FZE and the substantial stakes owned by co-founders Bekir Dağ and Serhat Tanrıkut reinforce Wodo Network’s commitment to becoming a next-generation technology company with a global reach. These investments top up the company’s commitment to making a lasting mark as a cutting-edge technology leader with a truly worldwide presence.

Pioneering Solutions and Impact

Through Wodo Platform and Wodo Gaming, Wodo Network enables businesses and game developers to effortlessly integrate Web 3.0 products and crypto-payment systems into their operations. These solutions are not merely groundbreaking; they also ensure that businesses from all backgrounds have access to transformative and interoperable technologies.

Visionary Leadership

CEO Bekir Dağ clearly articulates Wodo Network‘s mission, highlighting the company’s role as a pioneer in an era dominated by blockchain, the metaverse, and Web 3.0. “Wodo Network serves as a fount of foresight and vision, embedding these technologies into the fabric of society,” states Dağ.


As Wodo Network navigates the digital landscape, it is not merely a participant but a significant contributor. The company’s steadfast commitment ensures that the possibilities of next-generation technologies become accessible and tangible for all, contributing to an emerging digital renaissance. For a deeper look into Wodo Network and its cutting-edge solutions, visit the Wodo Network website or contact Alara Dolunay for further insights.

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