‘Without the efforts of KOLs, we would not see such high onboarding rates in web3’ says Web3 Growth Expert and Thought Leader Bilal Bin Saqib

High onboarding rates in web3

January’s annual 54th World Economic Forum meeting highlighted the use cases of cryptocurrencies, AI and the metaverse, shedding light on what we can expect from the rapidly changing technological landscape. 3000 participants, including influential personalities from across the world, attended the meeting. 

Bilal Bin Saqib MBE, a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur, was part of the much-hyped panel on ‘The Role of KOLs and Social Media in Crypto’ during the CRYPTO 2030 conference happening in Davos alongside the World Economic Forum. 

Joined by panelists from Cointelegraph and other web3 projects, Bilal talked about the importance of KOLs in the web3 space, explaining how they drive adoption by creating education for people interested in entering the space.

According to Bilal, ‘Influencer marketing is the culmination of the promise social media initially gave us. From driving crypto adoption, to helping us navigate the complex ecosystem, KOLs have been an integral part of the journey of cryptocurrencies. But what they have most importantly left a mark on has been education. I believe that high crypto adoption rates, especially in developing economies, can be directly linked to the education that KOLs have created, consistently and selflessly.

The conversation took an interesting route when it delved deeper into misinformation and influencers involved in rug pulls. Bilal emphasized on the importance of DYOR (Do your own research). He further stressed on studying whitepapers, analyzing charts, going through security audits and monitoring the projects’ online presence before investing. 

When asked to give the audience a tip on how to invest safely in crypto, Bilal said,

‘Just keep learning. Education is key. Don’t blindly follow strangers on the internet with your hard earned money. There is education available on the internet, just make sure you consume responsibly and DYOR.’

With a following of 350,000 + across all socials, Bilal is a thought leader in the web3 space having worked with numerous projects in their GTM and token growth strategy in the past four years. Additionally, Bilal leads Web3 Pakistan, a web3 community in Pakistan that is working towards onboarding 1 million Pakistanis to the world of web3.

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