With PriceCoin Rewards, You Can Earn Currency With Each Travel Booking.

The Idea of PriceCoin originally spawned from Zenabi Data, which turn business data into actionable items to improve the bottom line. Eddie Ibanez, the CEO of  PriceCoin will be discussing this project in this Q&A.

What is PriceCoin ?

PriceCoin members can go to, book travel and earn immediate PriceCoin rewards. As a member, travelers become part of an exclusive network where PriceCoins are shared with each transaction. This innovative earning structure allows members to earn PriceCoins by simply being a part of the network. PriceCoin gives travelers the freedom to book travel, earn rewards and use them for just about anything; more discounted travel, merchandise, even gift cards redeemable at Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and over 2,000 charities.

What is the technology behind PriceCoin project and what problem are you solving?

Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet. Information held on a blockchain exists as a shared — and continually reconciled — database. This allows us to distribute and share rewards points between every user on the PriceCoin network. When someone books travel and earns rewards,  everyone else on PriceCoin earns rewards too as the accounts are updated across the network

What are the Major Features and Services that make PriceCoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

We believe our key differentiating factor is the loyalty economy that empowers travelers and deal seekers alike. PriceCoin points never expire and are earned on every purchase. You can then spend your points on more travel and money-back-rewards like gift cards or charitable donations. The whole site feels like a living, breathing ecosystem where the rewards are earned by everyone who participates.

What is the market gap and demand for cryptocurrency in the hospitality and travel industries?

PriceCoin provides personalized travel at the lowest possible prices. Proprietary artificial intelligence (A.I.) matches members with the best hotels at the best rates. You can earn rewards while you sleep and share the wealth. If travelers feel like giving back, they can use PriceCoin rewards to make a charitable donation, or simply hold the rewards as an investment that could continually grow.

What are the benefits and Advantages for the PriceCoin Token holders?

No other loyalty system like this exists. We are transforming the online travel space by fusing blockchain with traditional loyalty rewards programs. We are already in the works of applying this technology to other industries and we plan to see an uptick in adoption of this tech throughout the year.

Do you have any major partners or investors you will like to share with us, is there any investment and partnership opportunities available at Pricecoin?

What makes PriceCoin truly unique is that as travelers’ book on the platform, they are simultaneously earning rewards for themselves while also benefiting from every transaction made on the platform. This difference is key in not only incentivizing consumers, but also attracting investment from industry heavy hitters, such as Burch Creative Capital. Every person that owns a PriceCoin is now an active investor of it!

At what stage of development is the PriceCoin project and what is next on your roadmap?

We work directly with our user base to design best features possible. One exciting feature we expect to roll out is location-based deals where hotel nearest to you will have significantly discounted rates. We are always updating our AI model to learn from user feedback so we can deliver the best experience possible.  Our AI analyzes thousands of hotel prices and reviews in real-time to predict and serve up the best deals for a user. It’s not just that we know about the user on the site, but that we know about the market and similar users who have visited. All these insights are used the moment you search for a destination to give you the best recommendations.

Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

PriceCoin provides global world class customer support for all customers. We are travel veterans and can assist you with all of your travel concerns; it’s as simple as dialing the number on you receipt.

How Safe is PriceCoin, would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Every transaction on the PriceCoin network is signed with a secure cryptographic hash ensuring you stay 100 percent anonymous. PriceCoin abides by and upholds modern security practices to bring its customers the best travel experience possible.

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