With DeFi taking over, a newer and more profitable coin is putting Bitcoin to the test ?

A newer, more profitable Bitcoin’s “sister” cryptocurrency called SafeBTC is gathering solid interest among crypto aficionados around the globe, search trends and telegram activity show.

Not much out there of the overall project yet but the team seems to be about to release a massive re-branding which includes a new Whitepaper, Logo & Branding, website, roadmap and updated Token Economics.

Launched just a week or so ago, SafeBTC has gathered enthusiasm in regards to its capacity to reward token holders based on trading volume. Yes, you heard it right. Token holders will receive a “reward” and will see their holdings grow as the volume builds up. In fact, every transaction will burn a portion of the supply and reward another portion to existing holders’ wallets. Basically a passive income on the blockchain.

In simple words, the smart contract built into the token code will penalize a “seller” with a 4% penalty which is removed (burned) from its selling balance. 2% of this will be then re-distributed to existing holders in the form of a reward.

To buy SafeBTC, cryptocurrency users have to buy a Binance Coin (BNB) first, and then essentially swap it for SafeBTC.

If you want clear instructions, we let the Pros handle it with a self explanatory video:

Given that SafeBTC (at the time of writing this) hasn’t been listed on any major exchange and it has not even showed up on popular crypto aggregators like CoinGecko yet, this has surely the potential to build up steam and grow in market cap quickly. This is, of course, not a financial advice as cryptos are risky and user un-friendly so, as always, DYOR (do your own research).

SafeBTC’s Telegram community is growing by the hundreds everyday with more and more people eyeing this more-lucrative Bitcoin as a way to financial freedom.The Telegram community is growing fast (

The new website will be visible at:




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