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With DeeStream’s Presale in Full Swing Algorand & Sei Investors Jump Onboard Anticipating a Shake-Up in Streaming

More and more industries are trying to adopt blockchain technology. They want to see how it could change the way they do business and offer cool new services to people. And because of this interest, investors are eager to jump in early and make money.

DeeStream is a new platform that wants to shake up online streaming. Instead of relying on the old way, it’s using blockchain to make things different. Investors from cryptocurrencies like Algorand & Sei are already interested in DeeStream because they think it’s going to grow big.

Algorand Price Action Analysis

The price action of Algorand has been bearish since the correction came after the rally. On 12 this month, we saw a huge drop of 15.6%, which came after the consolidation near the support zone. On the same day, Bitcoin fell more than 4% to $65,298. In the long term, people are feeling positive about the market, and ALGO’s price has shown a major bearish move. However, it might take a while for it to fully recover and change its direction upwards.


Algorand’s versatile applications play a pivotal role in propelling price dynamics in an upward trajectory. The intricately crafted Algorand blockchain stands as a testament to its capability in efficiently managing voluminous transactions while ensuring minimal latency, thus rendering it highly adaptable across various sectors. Its inherent design lends itself seamlessly to a plethora of utilities, spanning from the intricate realm of financial services to the expansive landscape of decentralized applications (DApps) and beyond.

At its core, Algorand’s architecture is engineered to accommodate the demands of modern-day transactional ecosystems, exhibiting remarkable scalability and speed. This robust infrastructure not only facilitates the seamless execution of transactions but also fosters an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

One of the hallmark features of Algorand lies in its support for smart contracts, empowering developers to construct sophisticated decentralized applications with unparalleled ease and efficiency. This capability unlocks a world of possibilities, enabling the creation of decentralized financial systems, digital asset exchanges, voting mechanisms, and much more.

Sei Didn’t Participated In Recent Rally

In early March, SEI made big news in the crypto world by teaming up with PixelRealm, a top player in web3 gaming. To boost growth in web3 gaming by helping PixelRealm create cool games using blockchain. However, the price action of the Sei has not been good compared to another cryptocurrency we saw in the recent rally.


People got excited about SEI, and its price shot up by more than 20%. But the excitement didn’t last long. Suddenly, SEI’s price took a nosedive, dropping by 36%. Now, experts aren’t sure what’s next for SEI. This drop has got investors thinking about spreading their investments to other opportunities like DeeStream, where analysts expect good gains.DeeStream: The Decentralized Streaming Sensation.

DeeStream is a new streaming website that uses blockchain to make it super safe and fair. With DeeStream, you can watch your favorite streamers from anywhere in the world with just a click. Plus, if you’re a streamer, you can get your money right away.

Right now, they’re selling their tokens to people who want to invest, and lots of folks are joining in. There are already over 17,000 people using DeeStream, and more than 3,300 investors are already part of it.

If you have DeeStream tokens, you get to help make big decisions about how the website works. Investors from all over the cryptocurrency world think DeeStream tokens could become valuable in the future. They are in stage 2 of the presale and the tokens are priced at $0.06 each.

Find out more about DeeStream’s presale by visiting the website here.

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