With $200 million in staked coins and backed by DHVC and Plug & Play, InfStones launches cloud service platform, Infinity Stones, to institutions

San Francisco, May 15, 2019InfStones, a Proof of Stake (PoS) cloud solution provider that handles the world’s largest PoS stake, announces $2 million in seed funding from traditional venture capitals including DHVC and Plug & Play and the launch of “Infinity Stones,” InfStones’ blockchain cloud service platform handling $200 million in staked PoS tokens under management.

Cloud management services are fast becoming the preferred method of storing and processing data for large level corporations. The ease of uploading data and retrieving it from any part of the world, the service provider taking the heavy load of storing and processing the data has given firms and companies the freedom to concentrate on their core work.

Blockchain, with its efficient, fast and economical solutions, has a very large appeal to organizations that are looking for further ways to enhance their operations. These decentralized ecosystems are, however, private chains. Unlike public chains, where anyone can become a node to secure and offer data access, private blockchains do not have that option. In private blockchains, it is the firm that can set which computer system can become a node and connect to the ecosystem. This drastically affects the efficiency and security of their blockchain ecosystems. Setting up of enough computers to act as nodes can be financially a drain on the company.

InfStones is an organization that offers both to organizations. The company offers world class cloud management service and blockchain security through PoS to organizations around the world.

Infinity Stones & USD 200 Million Backing

Infinity Stones is a blockchain PoS cloud service that is designed for institutions and organizations. The service allows any organization to set up their node or even their complete blockchain ecosystem on a cloud service. A service by InfStones, the Infinity Stones offers a service that gives a maximum up time for the service and a high grade security for all the tokens staked in the service. The Infinity Stones achieves this by not using one or two, but the three major cloud services. Each cloud storage is segregated so that it can work independently of the others. With a very low chance that all three cloud storage services will face technical difficulty, users will always have their main net or node online, securing their blockchain ecosystem.

The InfStones, with its impressive services, has caught the eyes of major players around the world. It has recently announced a massive USD 200 million funding from big venture capital players, such as DHVC and Plug&Play. DHVC is a major venture capital firm that invests in most prominent startups, while Plug&Play is a platform that connects startups with the biggest industry players. Apart from these, Tsinghua Lab and Certik are also on the list of their clientage. Tsinghua Lab is a university based program that is designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. Certik is one of the most advanced blockchain cybersecurity organization that investigates the integrity of smart contracts.

Founder of InfStones, Zhenwu Shi, said, “As the world’s largest staker of PoS tokens, the name of our platform, Infinity Stones, is fitting as it’s analogous to the world’s largest crypto mining company that holds the largest stake in Bitcoin… so, learning from the $200 million in staked PoS coins, we know what it takes to safely and reliably host nodes and mainnets, so we’re excited to make it easier and safer than ever for institutional clients to stake PoS chains or blockchain companies to launch their mainnets on Infinity Stones

The Infinity Stones offers security of blockchain ecosystems by offering its Proof of Stake (PoS) service. Proof of Stake, a blockchain verification and securing method that is more efficient than the famous Proof of Work (PoW), secures the network by committing tokens of a blockchain to the network. The higher the amount of tokens “staked”, the more the network is secure.

About InfStones

Founded in 2018, InfStones is a decentralized cloud storage provider that has staked coins in the top 50 PoS chains. It offers easy and secure way for institutions to setup and host their mainnet.  Zhenwu Shi and Emily Xu, the founders, have extensive experience working in the IT sector. Zhenwu Shi has worked with Oracle and C3’s cloud storage operations. Emily Xu has experiences with a few of the largest tech companies in the world, such as Apple Inc. and Snap. Both combine their invaluable experience to give a simple way for organizations to set up their blockchain system. InfStones is managing over 100 PoS nodes, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the firm has attracted some of the biggest investors and will be using the proceeds to develop different programs, such as an AI powered algorithmic trading and expansion of its team to further facilitate its clients. In the near future, clients will be able to start off their own mainnets with the ease of using a single click.

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