Wisebitcoin’s Chief Technical Analyst Shadi Abdou Discusses Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in the Crypto Space 

Wisebitcoin’s Chief Technical Analyst Shadi Abdou

Mr. Shadi Abdou, a seasoned analyst and financial services trainer, recently joined Wisebitcoin as Chief Technical Analyst. For over 15 years, he has been an active trader in the forex market and has experience educating investors in English, as well as Arabic-speaking communities. Abdou has been featured in several high-profile online publications and brings deep trading, support, education, and data delivery expertise to the Wisebitcoin platform.

Minted Lab held an AMA session with Mr. Abdou, where the conversation revolved around the challenges of running a cloud-based service, the importance of seamless UI/UX, the unique selling propositions of Wisebitcoin, and more. Here, we provide a summary of the discussion.

Support, Affiliate Programs, and Cloud Services

Regarding 24/7/365 support promised by Wisebitcoin, Mr. Abdou reaffirmed that email support is indeed available around the clock and that Korean customers can reach out to customer support managers using KakaoTalk as well.

In terms of marketing and promotion, Wisebitcoin’s affiliate program is one of the best in the industry, with 30% commissions on trading volumes of referred customers on offer. Wisebitcoin also helps its affiliates earn real-time commissions and manage their customers by providing many content and customer management solutions that are customized for different countries and regions.

Since 2018, Wisebitcoin has offered deep liquidity to its customers, and investment simulations can be used by novices to lower the learning curve when it comes to making investments in new asset classes. The platform’s UI and UX are also being constantly improved, and users can directly submit suggestions for improvement to the design team.

Wisebitcoin provides services to users all across the globe, from the UK and Japan to Thailand and more, with new user accounts being opened in many other global regions every day. There is substantial growth in the Asian market as well. With a slew of promotional partnerships currently underway and others planned for the latter half of 2021 with celebrities, influencers, and foundations, Wisebitcoin will slowly but surely make inroads into new markets over the coming months.

Tech Infrastructure, User Education, and Fiat Trade

With regards to the quality of Wisebitcoin’s infrastructure, Mr. Abdou stated that Wisebitcoin can comfortably support 10,000 TPS and has the best industry speed of a maximum of 2.3 million TPS. If there is any concern whether Wisebitcoin’s servers can meet a surge in demand, the infrastructure in place can more than handle current needs.

Since many customers may be unfamiliar with technical investment vehicles such as ETFs, leveraged trading, spot trading, and more, Wisebitcoin has created marketing, onboarding, and usage material that will educate users on these different investment products. Simulations and video tutorials are included.

Regarding fiat trading, once the right partnerships are in place, the possibility of supporting fiat deposits and trade will be revisited.

Wisebitcoin’s Unique Selling Propositions

So, what makes Wisebitcoin different or better from other online exchanges?

To this, Mr. Abdou provided a comprehensive list of Wisebitcoin services that any trader – novice or experienced – would find attractive. These include team experience, deep liquidity, and advanced investment products such as ETFs, futures, and derivatives. Wisebitcoin also prioritizes the listing of promising projects before other exchanges and has an expansive partner network that is the best in the industry. Wisebitcoin also supports real-time deposits and withdrawals while many other exchanges only perform lump sum deposits and withdrawals, and a low spot trading fee also helps investors keep more of their earnings rather than having to pay high commissions to the platform.

Also, Wisebitcoin is based in Singapore and complies with all local laws and regulations, putting at ease any concerns that users may have regarding KYC, AML, or other processes designed to safeguard user funds and interests.

What the Future Holds

While there is certainly a lot of benefit to issuing exchange tokens, Wisebitcoin is currently focused on providing exceptional user experiences and providing the products and services that its users want, so an exchange token is not currently under consideration. Also, to differentiate itself in the market from other service providers, Wisebitcoin offers and will soon offer various tags to help attract users, such as ETF, DeFi, NFT, AGGR, and more.

Final Thoughts

The recent boom and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens have brought the important role of exchanges back into the center of the crypto discussion. As a rapidly growing platform catering to millions of users, Wisebitcoin is focused on delivering the right services in the right way to its global user base and growing the Wisebitcoin platform organically with secure, performant, and high-value trading and investment opportunities for users of all types all across the globe.

About Minted Lab

Minted Lab was established in March 2020 to provide consulting, advisory, marketing, and project building services to investors and businesses working in the cryptocurrency space. By making it easier to access high-quality information that can be used to analyze different blockchain projects, Minted Lab is creating bridges between the global investor community and promising blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

About Wisebitcoin

Wisebitcoin is a new cloud-based cryptocurrency exchange that has been designed from the ground up to provide users with a secure, optimized, and performant trading experience. As a flagship one-click trading-enabled platform for web and mobile, Wisebitcoin’s cloud network of 280 global cryptocurrency exchanges boasts daily trading volumes of over $6 billion and over 15 million active users. Wisebitcoin offers cryptocurrency trading services for over 50 currencies and tokens as well as investment options using leveraged ETF tokens, perpetual swaps, and more. The platform recently made several high-profile technical hires and has added numerous consultants and advisors to its board to help improve crypto access and investment opportunities to new markets across the globe.

You can learn more about Minted Lab’s services here, and you can create an account and explore various cryptocurrency investment options on Wisebitcoin here.

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