WinWinCoins Presents the $2WC Token to a Large Audience of Crypto Traders

One of the newest DeFi projects, WinWinCoins, promises various new features to a broad audience of crypto investors. IT and financial consultancy BSUNIVERS CONSULTING in France is behind the initiative.

Just like most new projects in the blockchain universe, WinWinCoins has its own token: $2WC. We don’t expect to see the coin live on the markets before the second half of June, but traders can already get some tokens in the open pre-sale funding round.

A Quick Introduction to WinWinCoins

WinWinCoins wishes to become an online meeting point for common traders and experts who can design automated investing strategies. The success of mechanisms such as “copy trading” and “social trading” persuaded the team to launch this experiment on the market.

Without overcomplicating the matter, we can think of WinWinCoins as a portal addressed to everyone wishing to benefit from robot trading. On the one hand, everyone designing an automated strategy can obtain a substantial part of the project’s income (15%). On the one hand, inexperienced traders can make use of the strategies built by a group of experts.

WinWinCoins aims to give investors the option of customizing an automated approach to meet their specific needs. An open platform for everyone to participate in is the ultimate product of the WinWinCoins developers.

In this context, beginner traders are expected to be able to use this blockchain-based system. The WinWinCoins team is confident that widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies will be accelerated if this objective succeeds.

The project will launch an ecosystem that will use the $2WC token as its primary fuel. Considering its importance in the initiative’s success, let us see how the team introduced the coin to crypto traders in the following section.

Everything We Know about the $2WC Token and Its Presale

The $2WC token will be made available on PancakeSwap when the current pre-sale period concludes in June. Before dwelling on the token’s features, let us spend a few words on its ongoing presale operation.

Those who pre-order $2WC tokens will be able to get their hands on them before the currency goes live in June. Until June 21st, the coin’s pre-sale phase will be accessible from the project’s website. The operation will offer 40 billion tokens to a group of early investors.

Over 700,000 coins were sold at the cost of $0.0001 each as of this writing. For $BNB 0.16 (as a minimum threshold), traders will be able to acquire several coins.

In general, wiser investors prefer to join a pre-sale round of a token that has already completed an audit operation with a well-known auditor. The team can boast a successful audit by SolidProof of WinWinCoins smart contracts.

As a usual anti-whale strategy, the team will ban users from selling more than 50 million tokens at once.

A 9% tax will be applied on each $2WC sale and divided among the several wallets. As a result, 3% of transactions will be allocated to the performance pool, and 3% will go to the liquidity pool. Token holders (2%) and a burning wallet will receive the final 3%.

The team designed a technique that will allow investors to get 75 percent of the money. Previously, WinWinCoins had said that it would award robot creators 15% of the company’s profits.

A further 5% of tokens will be given away to charity organizations by the team. The remaining 5% will be deposited in a performance fund.

Bottom Line

The team’s official presentation of the $2WC coin gathered particular attention from the market, as the presale development is showing. There is much further information about the project available online and on social media.

The whole presale funding round will end in the second half of June, and the way the operation will evolve will undoubtedly be an indicator of how the market sees WinWinCoins.





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