Winter Bike Riding: Tips about Riding Electric Bikes in Winter

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For many of us, winter may not be a suitable season to engage in outdoor activities due to low temperatures, slippery roads, and something else. If you are an electric mountain bike owner, it might be a great temptation to put your electric bikes aside in the corner, sit down on the sofa, and eat a lot with your TV and PS5 on.

Although everyone tends to be lazier in winter, we don’t think you have to stop riding your electric cruiser bikes considering your health. Here, we’ve got 4 reasons why you should be riding your way through the winter.

4 Reasons for Riding Ebikes in Winter

1. Keep Fitness

Well, let’s kick off with an obvious one, keeping fit. Why would you train all through the summer only to lose all that fitness during the winter? Isn’t that a waste of time? Yeah, I know it is really tempting to sit on the sofa, eat mince pies, a lot of hot chocolate, and just all that comfort food. No, come on, wake up and get out, and put in some miles during the winter. After all, you don’t need to do the intensity that you’ve done in summer, just keep it ticking and your fitness through the winter will really help. The last thing you want to do is start the summer without any fitness.

2. Build Resilience

By riding electric mountain bikes through the winter, you are going to harden yourself up physically too, you may not believe it, but let’s try to hear me out here. If you used to riding in the lower temperatures, the cold and the wet, your body is going to get used to it, meaning you are not going to shiver too much, which is a win-win situation. We have ridden ebikes through some pretty wet and cold temperatures, and are kind of accustomed to that weather.

3. Stress Relief

You may find it hard to believe that, but riding electric mountain bikes for sale does relieve your stress. Not only it keeps you physically fit and healthy, but it also makes you happier as well. There’s something just heading out the door in the dark and cold, but nevertheless, spinning those legs just lifts your mood, and you don’t have to pay too much effort to do that on ebikes considering their strong electric power. It’s scientifically proven that it can help to relieve stress, also increase memory and offer better night sleep. I guess who doesn’t want that?

4. Scenery

Everything looks better in the winter sun. Think about it, in the early mornings, the frost, the sunrise, you can see your breath in the air. All that scenery can be seen on an ebike, why would you miss that? Lying in the bed with a warm blanket could be a great thing, but watching this magnificent scenery while riding ebikes can be much more meaningful. You can have much more time available and enjoy more of your life on electric cruiser bikes.

Does Cold Weather Affect Ebikes?

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While we encourage you guys to ride ebikes through the winter, you may be wondering if those electric components are easily damaged by the cold weather. To be honest, too low a temperature can really cause damage to your ebike battery and motor, making the life of your ebikes shorter if you don’t take good care of them.

Generally, a temperature that is lower than -5° Fahrenheit could be too low and unfavorable for an electric bike. Once your ebikes are under this kind of condition without appropriate care, their performance, range, and battery capacity can suffer greatly.

Several methods to protect ebike components from the cold?

Well, to protect your ebikes from the cold, you need to maintain your ebikes carefully. Lucky for you, there are several methods for this purpose.

  1. Remove your battery when you put your ebikes outside.Maybe you don’t have enough room for your ebikes in your house so your ebikes should be outside in cold weather. That’s fine, but one thing you should do is remove the battery whenever you are not going to use it for a long while. You don’t want your battery capacity reduced sharply, which could make you lose a lot of fun.
  2. Charge your battery inside.Some of you tend to leave your ebikes charging outside in winter. Well, it may be acceptable if the temperature is not that low. However, when it is freezing cold and snowy, both your charge and battery can be damaged badly, leading to a shorter range of your ebikes, even breaking both of them. Most ebike batteries in the market are detachable, such as Magicycle Ocelot Pro. You can just take them off and inside your house and charge them, easy and safe.
  3. Put your ebikes inside your warm house.This should be the most important way to keep your ebikes from the cold. Simply, just have your ebikes inside, then you don’t need to worry about damaging your ebikes or having them stolen.

What ebikes can work perfectly in the snow?

When it comes to riding ebikes in winter, the first thing on your mind must be riding in the snow. It can be one of the biggest issues related to safety. If not taken seriously, you can hurt yourself easily. The right electric bike plays a key role in helping you avoid this situation, such as electric mountain bikes from Magicycle, the Cruiser Pro series.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro has Kenda electric bike fat tires, providing more traction and grip when you are riding in the snow. You won’t fall off the ebike due to slippery roads. Its 750W powerful motor can help you out when you are stuck in the snow. Without any danger, your ebike rides in winter will be safe and sound.

Final Words

To be honest, any kind of outdoor activity can be tough as the low temperature can make you feel less active, but when you struggle to do that and succeed, things around you could be better and more beautiful than you’ve thought before.

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