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WinkSprout Connects Brands with Marketing Influencers

Marketing Influencers

In the modern consumer-driven society, brands increasingly rely on influencers to promote their products and services. The problem is, how to select the right influencer? Fortunately, there is WinkSprout, a platform that acts as a one-stop solution for brands to find the right influencers for marketing purposes. 

Influencers and Brands

Marketing has evolved swiftly with social media platforms quickly influencing their sales as people were able to share their experiences. Content marketing has seen the rise of media channels to grow to a level where people who are not connected with the firms can drastically affect the image and sales by simply talking about a product or a service. The fan following quickly becomes a cult and is influenced into using the firm’s offerings. 

As such Influencers with a huge number of followers are seen as potential for accelerating sales and generating revenue. This evolution has given both small and big brands an opportunity to present their products to millions of customers worldwide through influencers. The influencers of today play a prominent role in brand placements and establishing a brand’s image. 

Influencer marketing has proven to be more effective due to its unique engagement with the audience, but this strategy is becoming harder to manage with time. One of the key issues is that brands are having a hard time finding market influencers that match their marketing message and overall strategy. There have been attempts at creating platforms that connect social influencers with brands seeking out their services, but these platforms have become nothing more than competitive marketplaces for brands to find the cheapest influencer. The game has become about quantity over quality. All of this created a need for a platform that acts as a smooth bridge between brands and influencers while providing a better marketing experience to firms and creating a winning solution. 

WinkSprout’s Brands and Influencers

Winksprout is a platform that has the perfect solution to the modern brand-influencer scenario. The co-founders of WinkSprout surveyed around 1500 brands relying on influencer marketing in the past. The scientific approach to the problem has given Winksprout the ability to eliminate confusion and other issues to give brands the option to find the right influencers who can do product endorsement, give it social acceptance and boost sales.

Jonathan Rose, one of the co-founders, talks about WinkSprout’s capabilities;

“Brands that have been accepted into the early beta of our platform have been ecstatic with the results. Our case studies speak for themselves!”

The platform has already started to help firms achieve their goals. One such firm is WonderSip, the creators of openable and reusable drinking straws that can be cleaned and used over and over again. The environment-conscious brand found the right influencer using WinSprout and witnessed more than a quarter increase in sales and organic traffic jumped 55% – all from a single campaign.

Features that set WinkSprout apart from other brand-influencer connection platforms are:

  • Automated selection of micro-influencers to cut down on the time spent to find and select.
  • Three different packages for brands and firms to select from that suit their needs.
  • Designed for both small and large firms in mind.
  • Easily creatable campaigns through the CRM panel.
  • Organic content that can be used on different social media platforms.
  • Use of micro-influencers who are proven to be more effective than macro or celebrity level ones.

WinkSprout is one of a kind service that uses the best available influencers to boost your sales in an organic manner that is sustainable. To know more about how your brand can benefit from WinSprout, check out their website and easily manageable packages today. 


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