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Winding Tree Announces Next Hackathon in Collaboration with Travel Forward

Winding Tree

Creating the best of economic environment in the travel industry, Winding Tree is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to achieve speed, efficiency and security. The platform not only helps travelers and tourists in saving their money, but at the same time also helps hotels, restaurants, airlines and other suppliers in reducing their costs.

The unique environment created by the platform means there is virtually no barrier of entry for small players and they can compete directly with the big movers of the industry. Using decentralized technology also means that Winding Tree has been able to eliminate middlemen, creating an ecosystem that makes the services not only cheaper, but also brings a significant increase in the interaction of the suppliers, service providers and the end users.

Hackathon Team Up

Winding Tree, apart from its innovative use of blockchain to bring about a complete change in the travel and tourism industry, is also famous for its hackathons. The latest hackathon is being held in London this time, during the London’s World Trade Market, from 4th to 6th of November.

The third iteration of Winding Tree’s hackathon sees Travel Forward join in. Travel Forward is a technological track of World Trade Market and Winding Tree is teaming up with it to run an open source hackathon, bringing in teams from all over the world to create programs and software that will help the travel industry.

Pedro Aderson, COO and Co-Founder of Winding Tee was excited on the team up,

We are honored to be able to participate in World Travel Market (WTM) and Travel Forward in such a profound way. WTM is one of, if not the, biggest event in the travel industry, and we’ll be able to showcase our technology to an audience like never before. Each Hackathon we’ve held in the past has had impressive results, showing the possibility and necessity for open-source technology among travel and hospitality companies, and I’m sure this one will be no different.”

Travel Forward is a special event that is under the umbrella of World Trade Market. The Travel Forward creates a platform that sees more than 7 thousand executives and professionals come together to meet over 150 solution providers that will be relying on the latest in technology to disrupt and change the industry forever.

Previous Hackathons

Winding Tree has already held two, very successful hackathons. The gatherings have seen different teams from all over the world come to the events and type out codes that demonstrate how the industry still has a lot to change and bring efficiency:

  • Prague, 2018: Air France and KLM won the first hackathon. The coding team had developed a flight search software that was fully functional and based on the core of Winding Tree platform.
  • Lisbon, 2019: The second hackathon business category winners were Etihad Airways. The winning idea was a web based application that catered for travelers who laid over Abu Dhabi. The application, like the previous winner, was based off the Winding Tree platform and used multiple APIs.

Why World Trade Market?

The 2019 World Trade Market is being held in London during 4th to 6th of November, 2019. Attracting players from all around the world, it is an opportunity for companies and firms to connect and interact, showcasing their products and expanding their business. The largest trade fair of its kind, it hosts over 50 thousand corporations, firms and professionals from the travel, tourism and hospitality arena.

Normally a closed industry in which each player only interacts with other, without sharing their data, World Trade Market is a perfect place for Winding Tree and Travel Forward to bring the industry together and cooperate. 

The World Trade Market will also give Winding Tree a chance to showcase its platform and the benefits it will bring to the industry. Understanding that blockchain may still be an alien concept to many, Winding Tree will be holding different demonstrations and crash courses on decentralization. Other informational sessions will include smart contracts, open source coding and other blockchain related material.

About Winding Tree

A decentralized platform that uses blockchain to bring about efficiency, Winding Tree brings together different players in the hospitality and travel industry, bringing down silos, breaking entry barriers and creating an ecosystem that makes services cheaper for consumers, but also brings down costs of service providers, giving them the same opportunity to save their money.

With service provides such as Air New Zealand already taking advantage of the Winding Tree ecosystem, their sales process has become efficient and complexity has reduced. The reduced cost of sales means that the airline now offers a lower price on its packages and still saves money.

The latest hackathon will bring industry players together and help them improve their systems with Winding Tree’s ecosystem.

For more information on Winding Tree’s #HackTravel Lisbon event:

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