Win from $20,000 Prize Pool only on Phemex Bitcoin Bonanza!

Phemex Bitcoin Bonanza

Bitcoin is the undisputed leader of crypto, with the longest history and greatest market cap. Over the years, several cryptocurrencies have popped up that offer a meaningful edge with respect to technology, speed, and usability. But none of them has been able to surpass Bitcoin in over a decade. Despite its disadvantages, Bitcoin is the first-ever project to use the blockchain to create digital scarcity that is fundamentally changing global finance as we know it today.

One of the main advantages Bitcoin had was a major head start back in 2009. As the flagship cryptocurrency grew in popularity and value, it caught the attention of many mainstream investors who helped its legitimacy. From being used to purchase two pizzas for the price of 10,000 BTC to attracting ardent supporters like Michael Saylor and the attention of  institutional investors, the industry has come a long way. 

What made Bitcoin the king of all coins? The simple concept of creating a peer-to-peer currency that doesn’t involve the traditional financial infrastructure. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had made a bold claim when he declared that “the world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin.”

The Bitcoin fever is far from stopping and Phemex is bringing an innovative way to make profits. 

Win Big with Bitcoin Bonanza

Singapore-based Phemex has emerged as one of the most efficient cryptocurrency trading and investment platforms there is. With over 1.5 million active customers and with trading volume soaring above record levels of $250 billion, Phemex is bringing a new opportunity for its users. 

There isn’t just one way to trade Bitcoin, and Phemex understands that. The platform is hosting a new competition in which traders stand a chance to win big. After recently launching BTCUSD USD-margined contracts, the crypto platform is all set to host a trading contest ‘Bitcoin Bonanza’ where participants can lay claim to a $20,000 pool by trading this linear BTCUSD USD-margined contract!  

Bitcoin Bonanza essentially comprises three stages. The registration for the event commences from 26 October 8:00 UTC to 28 October, 8:00 UTC. The second stage is the 10-day long competition which is set to take place from the 28th of October, 8:00 UTC to the 7th of November, 8:00 UTC. 

The prizes are rewarded on the basis of the participants’ BTCUSD linear contract trading volume during the competition stage. Phemex is giving away a prize pool of $20,000, with the top ten traders receiving between $500 and $8,000 each. 

Only participants who registered on Phemex will be able to join Bitcoin Bonanza. Participants with main accounts only will be allowed in the competition, no sub-accounts can enter. Trading the inverse BTCUSD contract [BTC-margined] will not count towards this competition. Batch account registrations, market manipulation tactics, and using API for the contest will lead to immediate disqualification. The winners will receive the prizes after seven days of the competition’s close, ie., from the 15th of November onwards. 

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