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WiMi Stock Offers a Winning Combination of Growth and Value

The first half of 2022 has just ended. Under the impact of COVID-19, the social economy and life of most parts of the world have been affected to varying degrees, while the demand for remote collaboration and remote social networking is increasing. As the VR / AR industry is in the emerging growth stage, financing is the source of funds for the current survival and development of most enterprises, and investment and financing activities are still the crucial industry events at present.

The VR / AR industry has unlimited potential

According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2022, the amount and number of financing mergers and acquisitions increased significantly compared with the same period. The total scale of global VR / AR industry financing and merger and acquisition was 31.26 billion yuan, up 37% from the first half of 2021; the number of financing and merger events was 172, up 17% from 2021. Thus, the capital is still full of high confidence in the VR / AR industry. 

It is worth noting that in the first half of 2022, VR / AR industry financing focuses on the hardware and applications, especially the hardware terminals and the underlying supply chain, which is the most favored segment at present. The largest amount of investment is in the software (tools) and application field, among which the largest increasing “dark horse” is in the application field, up 143% compared with the same period. The ecological environment of VR / AR is gradually taking shape.

VR / AR, which was originally not very concerned by the market and capital, began to become a new outlet after the outbreak of Metaverse, and enterprises related to this also actively layout the VR / AR track. Apple (AAPL) executives show their upcoming AR / VR headsets to board members. Apple is expected to launch the AR / VR headset as soon as the end of this year or next year, and is expected to be released to consumers by 2023.

The news that Apple’s AR / VR headset is expected to be released by the end of the year has inspired the entire XR market (including VR / AR / MR), and after a long time for the “boss”. Internet giants layout of VR / AR speed significantly accelerated, with last year’s high byte acquisition of Pico event as the trigger, more companies to join the XR track. SONY (SONY) and Lego (LEGO) have invested $2 billion in Epic Games and Alibaba (BABA) in AR glasses maker Nreal.

At the same time, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), which focuses on XR business, strengthens its AR / VR development capabilities and intends to increase its Metaverse efforts. Compared with the peer companies in the market, WiMi Hologram Cloud, which has been established for many years, takes a more inclined to Metaverse, —— AR / VR development and scene content landing. For example, in terms of “cloud tourism”, WiMi Hologram Cloud has “cloud tourism” due to epidemic prevention and control and other factors. The popular 5G + AR “cloud viewing” all highlights the further maturity of its XR technology, and gives people a novel experience of home “traveling” all over the country.

In the 5G era, WiMi Hologram Cloud has laid out the XR field in advance

At present, 5G has entered a critical period of large-scale application and development. A total of 1.854 million 5G base stations have been opened in the second quarter, including nearly 300,000 new ones, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At the current point, experts believe that the breadth and depth of 5G network coverage continue to expand, the application continues to go deeper to the solid, the integration of 5G applications enabled to accelerate the promotion and implementation to multiple fields.

For mass users, XR technology actually has a wide presence in many verticals, including education, gaming, entertainment, and advertising. With the upgrade of 2G to 4G, human information interaction media based on mobile terminals has experienced the evolution of text, voice, pictures and video. In in the 5G era, the development of communication is expected to continue to expand the depth of information transmitted.

Therefore, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s real scene interaction based on XR represents a new development direction of the communication industry, overcomes the problem of real-time transmission of 3D content, and the vertigo problem caused by delay to build the network environment, and accelerates the promotion of 5G + XR cloud ecology to industrial manufacturing, commercial promotion, intelligent transportation, public safety, education and training and other industries.

For example, under WiMi Hologram Cloud’s current technology, 5G + XR education brings “science fiction physics” to the classroom; making e-shopping more vivid; through time and space constraints, century-old scenes, and so on. The combination of WiMi Hologram CloudXR and 5G can be applied in communication and collaboration, and can even redefine the way of human communication and communication in the future.


In fact, as one of the most anticipated 5G application scenarios in the industry, XR will usher in the “outbreak period” in the future with the pace of 5G commercialization and ecological maturity. According to IDC, VR games will account for 30 percent of the national virtual reality market over the next five years. Virtual reality-driven games, training, and collaboration are expected to become the main application scenarios for virtual reality in 2026. It is not difficult to foresee that with the continuous power of 5G, VR / AR applications integrated with many fields and industries can redefine product attributes and bring better application experience.

Metaverse’s broad space and the upsurge of much attention must be the entry point of the new breakthrough in XR technology, and will also bring a new wave of wealth heat to listed enterprises, and will give birth to new opportunities and business models. As a result, tech companies and Internet companies will while the iron is hot if they want to catch up.

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