WiMi Hologram Cloud 5G: The innovation of light field simulation scene to stimulate Film Industry

James Cameron is the absolute god of the director. He created “Titanic” and became the global box office champion, and in 2009 directed the 3D blockbuster “Avatar” global box office swept 2.7 billion, the whole 18.7 billion yuan, creating the highest box office record in the history of cinema. Most importantly, Avatar set off a new revolution in 3D film technology, bringing audiences a visual feast and one of the world’s greatest film revolutions. It is still a classic that cannot be forgotten, with its classic and wonderful images, extreme special effects, and superb acting of the actors.

After the huge success of Avatar, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of Avatar 2: The Way of Water, which is finally scheduled for this year, 13 years later. According to Cameron, Avatar 2 will take us into a new adventure kingdom, with an underwater world and the surrounding world of Pandora, where we will see different flora and fauna and social culture. It will also bring innovations in film and television technology, new naked-eye 3D technology – the audience can experience the 3D viewing effect without glasses, 4K digital photography technology, holographic technology, 48 frames per second shooting format, etc.

It can be said that people are more concerned about “technological innovation” in anticipation of Avatar 2, and naked eye 3D holographic technology is the focus of Avatar 2. Director Cameron revealed that a new type of projection technology will be used, allowing Avatar 2 viewers to abandon their 3D glasses and watch 3D scenes directly with their naked eyes. Sources say Cameron has worked with Provision Digital to develop the new technology, which uses an RGB laser projection system to project different images to the audience’s left and right eyes to achieve a naked-eye 3D effect. If this technology can be finally realized in the movie, “Avatar 2” will hopefully be the first naked-eye 3D movie. It seems likely that this will again elevate film technology to a whole new level, and its use of naked-eye 3D holographic technology, and will once again stir the “film industry”.

Naked-eye 3D holographic technology is a kind of 3D technology without glasses, the audience can see the three-dimensional virtual characters. Avatar” led the technical revolution of 3D movies, and “Avatar 2” naked eye 3D will be a subversive technical revolution. The movie god Cameron is constantly subverting himself with new technologies and black technologies. The world’s leading holographic AR technology company WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), with its 5G light field high simulation scenario technology, is also using its practical actions to promote the innovation of naked-eye 3D technology.

It is understood that holographic technology has been developed for many years, and WiMis promotion of the technology uses multimedia, three-dimensional modeling, real-time tracking, intelligent interaction, sensing, and other forms, computer-generated text, images, three-dimensional models, music, video and other virtual information simulation after simulation, applied to the real world. At present, WiMis light field holographic stage has become the leader in this field. The service can be equipped with a touch screen to achieve interaction with the audience, according to the requirements of some things using technology into a holographic projection stage, into a three-dimensional 360-degree display of products to attract customers. Real people and unreal people perform together at the same time, and that grants some museums inconvenience in showing the physical holographic projection.

The industry believes that holographic technology uses the characteristics of the 5G network’s high-speed rate to transmit large amounts of data in 3D video signals, which can show a more realistic world for users, a qualitative leap in interactivity, or become a disruptive technology for Internet social networking. With the advent of the 5G era, WiMi from “2D connection” to “3D connection” high simulation scenario building, into the public’s life and all aspects of work. In the field of education, it can break through the limitations of time and space, and use dynamic, temporal, and storytelling virtual images to show history, truly achieve student participation and experience and achieve fun and education.

In the field of film and television, naked-eye 3D holographic technology can make people a stronger sense of reality. In the large-screen theater, no need to bring special glasses, with a large stereo image with surrounding sound effects can make the audience a sense of immersion; in the stage effect, the audience can directly see the virtual characters and scenery on the stage in threedimension, thus creating a visual atmosphere of both fantasy and reality, with a super-strong visual impact.

The development of technology always overturns everyone’s imagination again and again, single to the audience’s sensory subversion experience, holographic projection, 3D, motion capture, and many other new technologies have inadvertently brought surprises to the audience’s life. It is not difficult to predict, that “Avatar 2” the sequel plus the naked eye 3D holographic technology, will provide the audience with a more immersive viewing experience. With the advent of the 5G era, WiMi fuses into its world-leading naked-eye 3D industry chain technology, which can produce more, better, and more authoritative 3D content products and provide 3D user services to satisfy all people with naked-eye 3D stereoscopic images for the traditional brand with creative wings, and will bring a different visual feast for the audience in the future when the global popularity of naked-eye 3D.

To conclude, Avatar is undoubtedly the pioneer of special effects in the film industry in recent times, forming a subversive change in special effects filming. The entire process was completed using motion capture technology, opening the way for 3D scenes that left an indelible and shocking impression on many people at the time. Now the news about naked-eye 3D in Avatar 2 is even more exciting. Naked eye 3D technology is still being explored and developed today and will become an indispensable part of the industry in the future. And for “Avatar 2” and whether it can be like before, once again lead the film industry to special effects innovation? Let’s look forward to it!

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