WIMI Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ:WIMI)Explores The Applications In Digital Humans Era

WIMI Hologram Cloud

Metaverse The first people were the digital people who became popular. Why? If Metaverse can’t AI, mass produce, and interact with digital people, it can’t be called Metaverse. That’s a virtual simulation technology that was very mature a decade ago and has nothing to do with the value that Metaverse can generate in the future.

Metaverse In the future, all walks of life can gradually change, precisely because of its intelligent production capacity, it began to become possible under the trend of interdisciplinary scientific evolution. As one of the popular scenarios of the Metaverse landing applications, digital people have attracted hundreds of millions of traffic attention, government and enterprise focus, and capital chase. In recent years, virtual anchors, virtual idols, virtual employees, and other digital people have frequently appeared on the ground, with “good-looking skin” and “interesting soul” has become the forefront of science and technology topics.

Technology drives revolution

Therefore, based on rapid production capacity, such as the generation of AI digital people, which can generate 70% similarity in 40 seconds, it is possible to be applied in a variety of business scenarios, thus making Metaverse applications in office, industrial and social aspects possible.

Further analysis, recently ChatGPT fire in a complete mess, which can be said to be explosive! Over the months since ChatGPT was launched, the number of active users has increased and increased, including some related concept stocks.

The strong rise of ChatGPT has brought the “intelligent evolution” to virtual digital people. Highly intelligent, self-learning ability, high efficiency, and other characteristics of virtual digital people will be applied in more scenarios and fields.

Virtual human classification

Virtual human classification

At present, there are many kinds of virtual people: the first is classified by technology, virtual people can be divided into an algorithm-driven (AI real-time or face pinching, etc.) and human-driven (motion capture); the second, virtual people can be divided into 2D and 3D types.

According to structure, virtual people can be divided into digital (online viewing) and holographic (naked viewing); the fourth, virtual people can be classified into IP (KOL, musical, brand, idol, star of entertainment companies) and non-IP (functional, academic and identity).

Virtual digital people have strong plasticity in product design. Combined with cutting-edge technologies such as AR and artificial intelligence technology, they can enable new business forms such as virtual anchors with goods to meet the diversified needs of users, generate huge market opportunities, and promote the rapid development of the digital human industry.

When analyzing the market size of the digital person industry, iMedia Consulting counted the market size of the market driven by digital people and the market size of the core industry of digital people. According to its statistical data, the surrounding market size driven by virtual people in 2022 will be 186.61 billion yuan, and it is expected to be 640.27 billion yuan in 2025.

IMedia Consulting analysts believe that virtual digital people have a strong plasticity in terms of content and the output of peripheral products, and can constantly develop new explosive points according to the trend of The Times, so the continuity of the industry growth is strong, and will maintain a stable growth trend in a period in the future.

WIMI “Digital Man +” enables commercial applications

The current digital industry is in the early stage of growth, industry growth faster, under the background of high-speed development, digital industry development trend, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) understands the virtual operation and cash, focusing on the “digital +” track, with AI interaction, real-time capture, VR / AR technology to build digital integrated operation scheme, active in the enterprise brand, marketing and consumer service of each link, to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of digital industry to provide strong support.

Specifically, the application of WIMI virtual digital people in all walks of life will empower traditional industries and promote the development of the real economy in a new form of digitalization. For example, it has performed well in the virtual person + cultural tourism industry, and the application of virtual characters represented by virtual commentators contributes to it. As a virtual anchor, WIMI digital person breaks the time and space limit through online live broadcasts and other ways, leads the audience to travel online, appreciate cultural and creative products, and realize the promotion and production of innovative content for the cultural industry in a digital way, thus showing the cultural charm in multiple dimensions.

On the one hand, WIMI virtual people have become an important engine for the transformation and upgrading of the cultural tourism industry. On the other hand, it has actively promoted the joint development of digital people and new models such as smart tourism and virtual tourism. It is worth noting that in the future, with the number of enterprises in the bureau, the development of virtual digital technology needs continuous innovation.

WIMI has been stuck in advance, relying on the full-stack technology capability, studying the data-driven virtual digital human construction technology based on data, collecting and processing the action data of real people, generating action data sets, and using machine learning algorithms for model training and optimization, to generate a virtual digital human model with high fidelity. And the action data of the real human body is applied to the virtual digital human model so that it can show the various actions of the real human body so that the digital person has a more realistic appearance and performance ability.

WIMI "Digital Man +"

It can be said that digital people are an important interactive carrier under the Metaverse system. At present, the business model of digital people of virtual idols, service type, social type, and other types is gradually becoming clear, involving content creation, live broadcast interaction, advertising endorsement, e-commerce sales, and other fields. The acceptance of WIMI’s digital human scene is increasing, and it is expected to usher in an explosive period at the commercial level.

To Sum Up

The virtual digital human business form relies on several technologies, including computer vision, speech synthesis, and multi-modal interaction technology. Whether AI modeling and driving technology, digital people will become infrastructure technology in the next three years, which can be used in various industries such as cultural tourism, industry, and education. In a word, digital man is the integration of a variety of cutting-edge technologies and will be the super entrance of WEB 3.0 and Metaverse. Digital man will become the new productivity for thousands of industries to shape competitive advantages, the integration of virtual and real, and the enabling entity.


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