WiMi gives vitality to the metaverse virtual digital people

Roblox has shocked the world by going public in the US stock market with a market capitalization of nearly $30 billion. It attracted more than 7 million developers (with a high proportion of teenagers) to develop games worldwide, building an economic ecosystem between game developers and paying users, and was considered to have explored a business model close to the metaverse. Then, capital came down and instantly pushed the metaverse to the top. 

People could transform themselves into virtual images and work, socialize, play, shop, and even trade in the virtual world of metaverse. The metaverse represents a boundless virtual world and interacts with the real world in a diversified way, becoming an important reason for capital chasing.

Avatars before metaverse

If the metaverse is compared to a spaceship sailing into the future, then the avatars are the necessary tickets. For users, virtual digital person is the necessary avatar for anyone to enter the virtual world, and users can set multiple doppelgangers with different images according to their preferences. For brokerage companies and MCNs, virtual idols have lower default risk, lower PR risk and stronger control than real people. And for service-oriented enterprises, virtual hosts and virtual customer service enhance the interactive experience on the basis of ordinary AI products and help Brand image building.

Therefore, it is suggested that virtual digital people play an important role in both the virtual world and the real world, and the science fiction novel Snow Crash also closely links the concepts of Metaverse and Avatar. In addition to the production subject and application scenario, avatars can be divided into three categories: high-fidelity, realistic, and cartoon according to different art styles, and four categories: manually adjusted keyframes, pre-made movements, motion capture, and voice/text driven according to different driving methods.

According to market analysts survey data, the national virtual human driven industry market size and core market size in 2021, respectively, 107.49 billion yuan and 6.22 billion yuan, is expected to 640.27 billion yuan and 48.06 billion yuan respectively by 2025, with strong growth momentum. At the same time, according to the “virtual digital human depth industry report” released by the industry service platform Quantum Bit, the overall market size of China’s virtual digital human will reach 270 billion yuan by 2030.

WiMi lays a solid foundation in virtual digital human

Based on such an optimistic market outlook, large companies with relevant technical backgrounds have been fist-pumping for in-depth layout. Among them, as the world’s leading virtual technology provider, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) forward-looking set foot in virtual people and has achieved applications in multi fields.

Information shows that WiMi is ready embrace the new chance, and actively engaged in the metaverse track, starting from the technical construction, while improving the underlying track core, VR / AR virtual scene results, output to a number of application scenarios platform. At present, WiMi has integrated 3D, holographic, VR/AR, 5G, AI recognition and other technologies in software technology.

In order to further explore the virtual-reality integration business of metaverse, WiMi is optimistic about the future prospect of virtual human, the segment track of metaverse, based on its advantages, and actively explores the layout of virtual digital human. So far, the company has completed the technology reserve related to virtual human and metaverse, and is at the forefront of the industry in virtual human production technology and its application. For different scenario environment launched specific virtual human application, put forward different industry solutions, is expected to use this to broaden the virtual human application scene, expand the existing advantages, for government and enterprise, brand, film and television, live broadcast, animation and other customer marketing and business scenario services.

It is worth mentioning that, along with the IP value of virtual digital people being explored continuously, more and more brands are willing to cooperate with developed virtual human IP across borders to generate new products, or create their own virtual idol IP as brand spokesperson. Giving the avatar a persona in line with the brand tone allows the avatar to subconsciously convey the brand concept in the interaction and communication with users. Through independent research and development, WiMi has established content IP advantages, with 5,000 holographic virtual IP rights and interests content, and opened up the whole chain of services from IP R&D to industry solutions to SDK cloud rendering technology licensing for virtual human products, driving the value-added landing of its virtual human business and laying the foundation for standing firm in the virtual human market.

Specifically, WiMi‘s virtual human IP content library covers a wide range of content formats from 3D models to holographic virtual products, including holographic animation, virtual live streaming, virtual idols and virtual social networking. 2961 virtual human IPs are used for virtual education, 851 virtual IPs for virtual tourism, 739 virtual IPs for virtual arts and entertainment, and 103 virtual IPs for virtual science. Virtual science, which can be used to combine with more user scenarios and more specific virtual human industry applications in depth.


As the era of virtual digital people is slowly coming, based on the above layout of WiMi in virtual people, virtual image and virtual scenes are important elements of the metaverse. WiMi, which intends to become a long-term player, realizes a deeper accumulation of metaverse, and will also realize the infinite extension of metaverse experience in a more grand world with the help of digital twin, intelligent AI expansion, virtual digital people, etc. It is believed that the door to the magic of the metaverse is slowly opening with the subsequent support of WiMi virtual human technology.

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