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Willow Alexander’s Quest for a Greener Future

In Southeast London, a transformation in the home and garden management industry is underway. Willow Alexander, founded by Alexander Oakley and Samuel Collett in August 2019, is not just your average service provider; but rather an exemplar in innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric care.  

What began as a bespoke Garden Design and Maintenance company quickly transformed into an expansive empire of eco-conscious services that cater to every aspect of home and garden maintenance. With their company headquarters rooted in Southeast London, their trade services extend across Greater London and Northern Kent, with plans for a broader national expansion through a robust partner network. 

The Willow Alexander Group is more than just a collective of companies; it is a comprehensive approach to modern home care boasting subsidiaries like Willow Alexander Gardens Limited, Willow Alexander Handyman Limited, Willow Alexander Cleaning Limited, and Willow Alexander Removals Limited. They have even incorporated services like dog walking, energy solutions, and window cleaning into their portfolio, encapsulating a comprehensive suite of offerings for all household needs.

Embracing the digital age, Willow Alexander has developed its B2C platform designed as a virtual housekeeper offering sustainably lead products sold alongside certified carbon-neutral services all on one easy-to-manage dashboard. 

With the aptly named tagline “Your thoroughly modern housekeeper” the Willow Alexander team have a perfectly balanced brand proposition and tech-focused delivery to the typically stale property maintenance market 

Moreover, their dedication to sustainability is admirable. The group established “Sustainabli Plus Limited,” a subscription-based carbon-offsetting lifestyle membership, reflecting their commitment to environmental preservation. In 2021, Willow Alexander earned the prestigious certification of being carbon neutral from One Carbon World, achieving the Gold international standard consistently ever since. Additionally, they proudly joined the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative in 2021, underscoring their commitment to global sustainability goals. 

The backbone of Willow Alexander remains its technological prowess, which is integral in not only streamlining services but also in its commitment to eco-friendliness. Leveraging tech, they’ve redefined customer care by integrating sustainable practices within their operations. 

The approach has empowered the platform to deliver eco-friendly services by experts in gardening, cleaning, removals, and handyman services, with the added convenience of easily customizable online bookings and management. The platform ensures that the entire process – from booking to service delivery – is user-friendly and transparent, keeping customers updated every step of the way.

Their story is one of resilience and adaptation. Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company navigated challenges, transforming adversity into opportunity. What started with one electric vehicle focused on redefining gardening care has flourished into London’s premier sustainable home and garden service provider, emphasising minimal impact on the planet while maximising care for homes and gardens.

As the majority shareholders, Samuel Collett, the CEO, and Alexander Oakley, the Managing Director, continue to steer the company towards excellence, perpetuating the legacy of their mothers, who worked in horticulture. 

Willow Alexander’s success shows innovation, sustainability, and a deep commitment to redefining traditional home and garden management. Their utilisation of technology has not only streamlined their services but also aligned them with a future that values eco-consciousness and customer-centric care. Through their tech-enabled platform, they have made household maintenance not just convenient but an act of combating climate change.


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