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William Willard’s Ambitious Project – Till My Casket Drops Is Almost Here

William Willard’s

Music has power. It can heal people and reveal an artist’s true potential. Hip-hop, especially, is a game-changer for many. One such hip-hop artist is William Willard aka WilliefromtheDrive. 24 years and independent, WilliefromtheDrive comes from the Brickz of Hempstead New York. Rising from the streets, Willie’s success has not come easy. He has had his share of challenges that he had to overcome along the way. A single mother raising him, losing many people to fending for himself as a kid – William experienced it all. Nonetheless, he has no regrets. He says that it was his life that made him what he is today. William relates and associates his brand with ‘How we get it ..? Out the mud ..!’

With an inspirational journey, world star hip-hop artist WilliefromtheDrive prides almost half a million views for his single ‘Cuz of U.’ As many have WilliefromtheDrive’s music on their favourite playlists, fans will be elated to hear that his much-anticipated and ambitious project ‘Till My Casket Drops’ releases soon!

Willie Reveals His Next Projects And Plans

This soul believes in the power of hop music and how it helps bring about meaningful changes in society. As someone who is driven to take hip-hop to the next level, William has a lot of plans for up-and-coming artists as well as his people. He is creating an ‘only fans course’ on how he made it and changed his life for the better.

Willie (or the ‘King of Aalduobap’) is working to build his own city filled with peace, where nobody has to work ever again. He is an ardent believer in quality. He seeks to bear the burden of all those he carries with himself and wants everyone to smile until they canʼt breathe anymore.

What’s more, he is building a platform where he can take his people to the next level. It is his passion for hip-hop that constantly motivates him to work in the industry, for the industry.

On Hip-hop Music As A Passion

It is only when you delve deep into music can you aspire to do something for it. As Willie shares his upcoming plans, we discover his passion for creating music. He uses his pen and voice to bring awareness. You will see an impressive mix of rhythm, lyrics and beats in WilliefromtheDrive’s music. There is drama and emotion.

Plus, WilliefromtheDrive believes that hip-hop music can elicit a powerful reaction. Hip-hop is global, but surely, there is more to it than just music with chest-thumping beats. William shares that hip-hop is more of an intrinsic culture for artists, fans and listeners alike. It is a whole new world to voice opinions, oppression and spread awareness. Thanks to his hip-hop music inspired by the streets, there is the touch of a nerve or an aim to vocalize a sentiment that is widely felt by the youth, in an art form that they relate to.

Hear his single ‘Cuz of U’ and get set to groove to the engaging and dynamic beats of WilliefromtheDrive’s next project ‘Till My Casket Drops’.

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