Will Uwell Caliburn X Kit Be Better Than Ever

In 2022, the uwell Caliburn series will launch a total of three products, uwell Caliburn x kit, uwell Caliburn a2s, and uwell Caliburn gk2. Although they are all Caliburn series, they have their own personality in terms of appearance and performance. And today I want to introduce you to the recently launched Caliburn x. In fact, users who have used uwell products should know that Caliburn is their main product, and many products continue to occupy the forefront of the heat. 

For a better comparison, I will compare the uwell g2 with its e-cigarettes with similar performance to see how the Caliburn x has improved compared to the previous pod vape kits.

Features of Caliburn x in exterior design

The Uwell Caliburn X is made of aluminum alloy, and it feels incredibly smooth and shiny when you place it in a bright spot. It is also very comfortable to hold in your hand. When it comes to the biggest difference from other Caliburn products, it must be equipped with an OLED screen, which can not only monitor the data situation but also switch various functional modes with the fire button, such as power adjustment, clear puff, lock the device, and so on.

The difference between caliburn x and caliburn g2 in performance

In fact, uwell Caliburn g2 can be said to be the one with more outstanding performance in many previous Caliburn series, with a built-in battery of 750mAh and a power output of up to 18W, and this time Caliburn x has a new breakthrough, using 850mAh built-in battery and a maximum output of 20W. In fact, the improvement in performance is also to allow users to have a longer vaping time, and the heat transfer will be stronger when the output is high.

Configuration similarities and differences

Caliburn X has a 3ml Caliburn x pod, which also breaks through the previous conventional 2ml capacity. Not only the performance improvement can prolong the use time, but the e-liquid capacity can also play a crucial role. G2 pod only contains 2ml of vape juice capacity, but they are filled directly from the top, which is convenient and easy. Another similarity is the coil configuration, which is also matched with Caliburn g2 coils and Caliburn g coils to obtain silky and soft MTL vaping.

Furthermore, the Caliburn x features an additional airflow adjustment button on the side, you can adjust the airflow according to your needs. The airflow function of the Caliburn g2 is to add a progressive airflow adjustment function on the side of the pod.


Overall, Uwell Caliburn X is superior to Caliburn g2 in terms of design and performance, and more and more users are also pursuing more advanced electronic cigarettes. Both products have their own advantages, and the choice should be determined according to the user’s own needs and capabilities.

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