Will This Innovative and High Performing Project Save The Meme Culture From Obsolescence?

The Meme Culture

One of the top crypto coins of 2023, DigiToads (TOADS) is an Ethereum-powered platform that leverages the power of hybrid DeFi. Its unique model merges the utility of three cryptocurrencies to formulate a hyper-efficient platform. What stands out about the platform is that it allows its users to access multiple options for earning passive income – be it staking, trading, daily prize draws, giveaways, or winning crypto tokens in trading competitions or Wb 3.0 games. To start exploring this opportunity, one should start by acquiring DigiToads’ native token TOADS.

What is DigiToads?

DigiToads is one of the best crypto investments you can find in today’s market because of the multiple ways in which you can utilize its many features. Let’s start with its staking mechanism. One can easily stake NFTs on the platform to earn lucrative rewards. For these rewards, the DigiToads team maintains a separate staking pool that’s funded by deducting 2% of all TOADS transactions. The mechanism ensures that all stakers are duly rewarded for their efforts. 

Another feature of DigiToads that’s drawing a lot of users is its play-to-earn game. The game has 12 short seasons in a year, so you have multiple chances to hone your skills. Plus, rather than choosing a single winner for every season, the game rewards the Top 25% of the scorers. The prize for making it to the top 25% is TOADS tokens. 

To win, the players will be asked to defeat their enemies in a Metaverse swamp and use various game assets to boost their game. One of the interesting assets is DigiToad – a special breed of digital creatures which have special powers and unparalleled strength. These creatures can be bought using TOADS tokens and can be your loyal ally throughout the game. The only catch is that every DigiToad will have a different set of powers. Hence, players won’t know if their DigiToad is any stronger than their competitors. However, they can still work around this problem by purchasing food and training equipment for their DigiToads. These items can also be bought with TOADS tokens. 

DigiToads’ decentralized governance structure is one of the reasons why many experts consider it a reliable project. Under a decentralized model, all stakeholders are encouraged to contribute their views to facilitate the development of the platform. TOADS token holders even get voting rights which they can use for voting for a proposal that has been moved by a community member. Typically, these proposals suggest important changes to the DigiToads protocol that can improve the scope of the ecosystem. What’s more, token holders can also introduce proposals that they feel can help the platform perform better. 

What benefits can DigiToads offer its users?

As part of its plans for the future, the DigiToads team would be donating a small part of its annual profits. These donations would be awarded to an organization that’s involved in rainforest preservation and replanting trees. Another project that’s currently in the pipeline, is the DigiToads’ think tank. Among the key features of the think tank are the knowledge sessions on cryptocurrencies that would be offered to community members.

All you need to know about the TOADS token

Built on the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum network, the TOADS token is the main crypto coin of the DigiToads network. It can be bought on presale and its presale funding currently stands at $5.95 million. One of the reasons that make the TOADS token a good crypto to buy is its deflationary model. Under the model, users don’t have to worry about market volatility affecting the token price as the supply is always scarce. All extra tokens are burned or destroyed by the team during the ‘token burn’ events.  


If you ask analysts what makes DigiToads one of the best altcoins to buy now, they will give you many reasons but the most important ones would be its community-centric focus and growth potential. The hybrid DeFi model gives users more than one way to boost their passive earnings which can be turned into a sustained source of income. Plus, its community-centric approach enables token holders to contribute to its growth and get rewarded for it. For instance, all TOADS token holders receive airdropped rewards in their Web 3.0 wallet as an incentive for actively participating on the platform. Given its rising versatility, experts also feel that DigiToads has the potential to bring back the lost glory of meme coins. 

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