Will The NFT Industry Continue To Grow With The Help Of Revolutux and The Sandbox 

In light of recent events happening in the crypto market, analysts and experts are suggesting that investing in the new coins soon coming to the market like Revolutux (RVLT) should be worth considering. 

The sudden crash has had a massive impact on the global market capitalisation, which shrunk massively at the end of the spring. This saw investors lose up to millions in under 24 hours. This is yet another big blow the market has seen in just over a year.

Most of the major coins in today’s market have seen big dips, analysts and crypto experts have suggested that investing in the dip would not be the worst idea possible. Using the past as evidence, the market has seen bigger crashes than this current crash. One thing that is a regular occurrence in the crypto world is the cycle of the bearish run that gradually turns itself around.

In this article we will be looking at The Sandbox (SAND) and Revolutux (RVLT), focusing on how they plan to incorporate NFTs on their platforms.   

The Sandbox (SAND) 

In the virtual environment known as The Sandbox, users create, control, and monetize their experiences using non-fungible tokens and the platform’s utility token, SAND. Players have the option of producing digital assets in the form of NFTs and then uploading them to the market. Digital real estate and bits of land make up the Sandbox virtual environment.

Users can exchange in-game assets using SAND, The Sandbox’s native cryptocurrency, on the NFT-based The Sandbox Marketplace. In order to develop games, the obtained in-game assets can be coupled with LAND in Game Maker. These NFTs can be used in The Sandbox as entities, structures, or wearables.

To design and animate voxel-based NFTs, artists and players can utilise the user-friendly software called VoxEdit. These 3D square pixels resemble Lego building blocks. On VoxEdit, they can be modified to take on various shapes. Users can develop creatures, tools for video games, and items for usage in The Sandbox, as well as avatar-oriented equipment like guns. These products are available for export and NFT trading on the marketplace.

Users of Game Maker can create and test 3D games inside the Sandbox metaverse. It is an application that may be used without any coding experience. In a setting known as LAND, users can arrange various components and objects, including the NFTs made with VoxEdit. Additionally, users have the option of sharing their creations with other Sandbox users.

Revolutux (RVLT)

Revolutux is creating a brand-new environment where anybody can trade digital assets from anywhere in the world with zero transaction costs. This environment will offer a highly liberating, strategic, low-risk, and frictionless trading experience in a decentralised setting.

An NFT collection, a special, blockchain-based, transferable asset, will be introduced by Revolutux. The transparency of the underlying code makes it possible to verify the rarity and ownership of any given token without the aid of a reliable third party. 

In order to decentralise the transfer of power to the community, they intend to create a DAO. In addition to being a brand-new blockchain-based platform, Revolutux also provides the holding and transparency features that, in our opinion, are crucial for long-term viability and decentralisation.

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