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Will the Metaverse happen?

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Will the Metaverse happen?

The metaverse will happen, and this is what you need to know.
I have read many opinions and counter-opinions as to whether the metaverse will actually happen. Well, the subtle reality is this: The metaverse will happen; there is no escaping it. It’s a matter of when not if. While there are disparities in definition among emerging industry players and contention as to what will constitute the ideal metaverse, one reoccurring and irrefutable contention is that the metaverse is a virtual world. It’s that simple.

According to Metaversepaper, one of the best papers documenting the rise of the metaverse, “the Metaverse is an interoperable and immersive virtual world developed for human interaction. It can be accessed through XR and/or a digital identifier known as the Avatar. Read to find out more.

The Rush of Worlds

While the metaverse is still in development, it is gaining widespread momentum. Yes, you may have heard about Facebook’s transformation to Meta. I believe (especially given the number of searches for the term) that when the term “metaverse” is mentioned, many users immediately think of Zukerberg’s metaverse. Well, no, it is not. Meta’s Metaverse is only an iteration of what is to come. There cannot be any metaverse without the multiplicity of virtual worlds from different builders. If it is only one centralized world, then the purpose will be extensively defeated; I mean, it will be another 3D social interaction platform controlled by Big Tech. That doesn’t sound good, does it?

What the metaverse offers, however, beyond the narrative of multiple virtual worlds, is simply freedom. That is its soul. the notion that all humans will be free to do, be, and go wherever they want without restriction—anything else will be just the old internet with a little virtual flair.

The Place of Freedom in the Metaverse

Many will say that freedom is a utopia. But humans can never stop seeking it. The many real-life restrictions in business, economics, global boundaries, religion, belief systems, and social status will always create this need. The advancement of human society is tilting towards self-sufficiency, a system where people will choose and not be killed for it. This is not the idea of anarchy, on the contrary, freedom is free, but not free from the law. This concept of liberty encapsulates what John Hospers explained in his piece, “Freedom and Utopias,” which was published by the Foundation for Economic Education.

“Voluntary utopias,” he wrote, “are relatively harmless; an individual can belong to one or not as he chooses, and can get out of it if it turns out not to be to his liking. It does not interfere with a person’s freedom, as long as he is free to decide for himself.”
This is what the metaverse will offer: freedom. But I think freedom will come with a price and a host of abuses, just as we witnessed in the early days of decentralized crypto. Should we then, in our destructive proclivity, throw away the baby with the bad water? On the contrary, we throw the bad water away and keep the baby. That is more logical.

And I think most players are beginning to get it. The Metaverse is more than just one world, cute Avatar displays, gaming, or any other small box it can fit into. It is freedom, and the sooner we begin to shape it toward this narrative, the easier it will be for average players to participate and for global adoption to occur. As for whether it will happen, it has already begun. See you in a decade or more.

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