Will Space Travel Ever Be For the Ordinary Man? This Crypto Project Believes So

Once the domain of the most powerful nations in the world, space is swiftly opening up in the private sector, thanks to the visionaries such as Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Ordinary citizens are now able to enjoy the vastness of zero gravity of space as they reach beyond the earth’s grip.

Yet, to say that ordinary citizens can now enjoy this is just plain wrong.

For the 1% Only

Space travel is expensive. Building rockets in the capsules that hold the passengers are engineering marvels. Millions of components are connected to build these immense controlled explosive devices that hurl people and equipment using hundreds of thousands of liters or kilograms of fuel into earth’s orbit.

No wonder the price tag for a private seat in the new tourist destination is big. Essentially, only 1% of the planet’s population can currently afford to relax in space.

Let’s see what it costs to travel to space.

Virgin Galactic Spaceplane

Sir Richard Branson was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his various endeavors that challenged the status quo and Virgin Galactic, the space arm of his Virgin Group, is in line with his philosophy. Anyone can buy a seat in Spaceplane, the group’s space-faring vehicle – if you have $450,000 to pay, that is.

Blue Origin

Owned by Jeff Bezos, the man behind Amazon, Blue Origin made its first crewed flight carrying 4 people in total. While three members including Jeff and his brother were booked, the last seat was auctioned off. The final price was a whopping $28 million.


Elon Musk is synonymous with innovations, be it on earth with his Tesla Corporation or in space with SpaceX. His last commercial passenger mission, the Inspiration4 took people into space for 3 days. The exact cost of the mission has been kept under wraps, but many experts believe that it was around $50 million per person.

Space Coin Project: For the Ordinary Man

The above three examples, though inspiring and pioneers in the private space sector for humans to reach out in the cosmos, are notoriously expensive. Even Virgin, the cheapest of them all, is something that an ordinary man cannot afford.

Space Coin Project is a crypto system that aims to change all of this. While projects (both traditional and crypto-based) look for cheaper solutions, there is a limit to how cheap a space flight can be. The enormous cost of building, maintaining and fueling the rockets is a factor that will always come into play.

So instead of contemplating on reducing the cost of a flight, Space Coin Project aims at crowdfunding people to go into space. This is achieved by using its SPJ token. The crypto asset carries a few features that make it possible.

The token is a part of the SpaceDAO, a place where any SPJ holder can have a voice and say in the operations and future of Space Coin Project. From how many people will go to how they will be selected – it is all in the power of the token holders. Participants, of course, have to be SPJ holders to qualify. The use of blockchain ensures that all operations are transparent so no single group can influence the decision.

All expenses for the space trip will be borne by the Space Coin Project and its users, with SPJ being liquidated to finance the trip. With SPJ holders voting on who gets to go amongst them, people do not need to have millions in their bank accounts to finally go on a ride of their life.


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