How Will Investors Benefit From IP Exchange’s Blockchain Product?

IP Exchange is a visionary use of blockchain technology to create a marketplace for IP addresses to be rented, shared and used for various needs by actors all over the world. There are a lot of restrictions that come with IP addresses including censorship by location or other qualities, being the target of varying groups and interests, being blocked from accessing certain services, applications or tools.

There are therefore times when it might be necessary to borrow someone else’s IP address and use it for a certain task or purpose. This does not cover just nefarious activities but also legitimate ones such as for use by VPN providers as well as for data mining software, web crawling bots, and micro tasks.

This might seem to target just developers, businesses and entrepreneurs who might need this service but it goes beyond that. It benefits the investors heavily.

Benefits of IP Exchange to Investors

There is a ready market of developers and entrepreneurs who need a lot more flexibility when it comes to IP addresses. This product is therefore set up to be profitable not just to those who need the service but also to those who invest in it and can profit from it.

The maximum number of IPSX tokens to be created is 1,800,000,000. Only 50% will be offered for funding participants. 27.5% of the tokens created amounting to 495,000,000 is set aside as an incentive for early adopters and strategic partners. Another 20% amounting to 360,000,000 is also to be set aside to the team and its strategic partners, leaving 2.5% assigned for the bounty campaign.

This gives investors the opportunity to earn big from this product with the assurance that it will be much needed for its target community.

Features of the IP Exchange

This product was made to target those who have varying needs for IP addresses, having identified that there are various restrictions and situations that require this including number of available time frame, geolocation, usage scope and costs. It therefore uses blockchain technology to provide:

  • A marketplace for the exchange of IP addresses, allowing users request and use others’ IP addresses
  • Advanced integration of SDKs and APIs
  • The ability to share device IP addresses or use them as data centers
  • Security and privacy which will help protect users against restrictions and censorship

Investing in IP Exchange

The public sale and IPSX token will open during the funding period in the first quarter of 2018. Contributions to the Exchange should be made at this time. After the funding period, existing tokens will be proportionally shared amongst existing contributors according to their investment value. There will be no creation, minting or mining of any additional tokens after the funding period is over. Tokens can however be transferred.

Important Details of The IPSX Utility Token

Total amount: 1,800,000,000

Funding Participants: 900,000,000

Incentives for early adopters and strategic partners: 495,000,000

Bounty Campaign: 45,000,000

Team and strategic partners: 360,000,000

More information is accessible at

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