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Will Enzo Zelocchi Wait In the Wings As MCU Likely Considers Sub-Mariner Recast?

Enzo Zelocchi

As speculation continues to grow as to whether popular Italian-American actor Enzo Zelocchi will be called on to replace Tenoch Huerta as the next Sub-Mariner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Hollywood heartthrob is yet to make any kind of public confirmation that he’d like to land the coveted role.

Enzo’s millions of Instagram followers are probably curious about when their favorite action star might drop news on the subject, however, it’s understandable that he’s keeping his cool as Marvel works through a complicated moment in their brand’s evolution, particularly following the recent box office success of movies like Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Why Might Namor the Sub-Mariner be Recast?

While fresh insight about the projecting of Mexican celebrity and lobbyist Tenoch Huerta was at first met with praise, crowds have as of late cooled on the entertainer after news arose that he has been accused of sexual assault by musician and fellow activist María Elena Ríos.

This addresses one more huge disaster for the cast of the Dark Jaguar film series, following the awful loss of driving entertainer Chadwick Boseman to malignant growth in 2020. Wonder has likewise needed to weigh up whether to rework the entertainer Jonathan Majors, who plays Kang the Hero, following his arrest earlier this year for domestic assault.

 To get the most forward-thinking data on MCU castings and advancements, I suggest checking the most recent news from respectable amusement sources or the authority Wonder Studios declarations. Projecting choices in the entertainment world can change over the long haul, so it’s vital to depend on the latest data that anyone could hope to find. 

Many may be wondering how Marvel plans to move forward at this point, and whether they will listen to fans of the franchise who have become well-practiced at sharing what they want online.

As Colider reported, a petition for the recasting of the iconic character of T’Challa reached over 60,000 signatures after Boseman’s passing. The late star’s brother, Derrick Boseman, also voiced support for T’Challa’s role to be reprised. However, Marvel decided to take the movie series in another direction and, for now at least, laid the King of Wakanda to rest.

Of course, both Majors and Huerta remain very much among the living, but may not be welcome among all fans of the MCU until the allegations against them are resolved. In the meantime, actor Enzo Zelocchi seems like a strong and highly bankable pick to carry the role of the Sub-Mariner forward if that’s what Marvel’s movers and shakers decide to do.

Everyone who jumped enthusiastically from the comic book series to the cinematic universe had to wait a long time to see the Sub-Mariner realized on the big screen, so it seems a shame to stop him in his tracks now. Maybe Zelocchi will be able to give the underwater ruler the incredible depth he deserves.

Regardless of who eventually takes on the mantle of Namor, fans can look forward to the character’s exciting debut and the evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the years to come. Until then, the question of whether Enzo Zelocchi will wait in the wings as Namor remains unanswered, adding an extra layer of anticipation to MCU enthusiasts.

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