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WiFi-enabled Household Supply Manager; Interview With Fadi Shakkour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PantryOn


When you download the Pantryon app, the system helps you keep an accurate record of your shopping, replenish your supplies and track your inventory. Founder and CEO Fadi Shakkour, will be sharing this new innovation with us in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Fadi Shakkour and I am the founder and CEO of PantryOn. As a second-generation appliance entrepreneur, I have over 35 years of experience in the household appliances industry. Prior to PantryOn, I was the founder and chief hardware designer of a manufacturing company MAC Faucets. MAC Faucets supplies bathroom hardware and bathroom fixtures for domestic and international notable facilities, including the White House and the Office of the President of the United States.

What is PantryOn and what unique services are you offering?

PantryOn is a WiFi-enabled household supply manager that uses a companion app to manage groceries and cleaning supplies from any location. It uses weight monitoring technology to let users know exactly how much of each item they have in their pantry, refrigerator or cabinets. The product is also able to automatically create a shopping list for users based on the API of some of the biggest names in grocery retail in the U.S., such as Kroger’s.

PantryOn is offering a unique service allowing customers to organize their supplies in their kitchen and pantry and reduce costs spent on repeat purchases and food wasted.

As a second-generation appliance entrepreneur, what inspired you to start PantryOn and where can the products be used?

I started PantryOn because I saw a consumer trend that was leaning towards smarthomes and smart appliances. I also saw the growth in the issue of food waste and the desire for more kitchen organization tools. As an entrepreneur and appliance expert, I came up with the idea to create smart shelves that assisted with kitchen organization and reduced food waste, thus PantryOn was born. The products are made to be used in the pantry, refrigerator or cabinets and take up minimal space, with an easy to use companion app that allows you to track your products and create shopping lists based on real-time data.

The smart appliance industry is seeing many new trends. What is the global market size of this industry and what is the level of demand for a product like PantryOn?

The smart appliance industry is poised to grow by $31.66 billion by 2024. This shows that there is a high level of demand for products like PantryOn’s smart shelves. Many people are getting comfortable with smarthomes and want to upgrade their appliances to fit in with the rest of their gadgets, we at PantryOn are offering a solution like nothing else on the market. By being able to store and monitor several products on just one PantryOn shelf, we are making the ability to modernize your pantry easy and a no brainer.

Could you give us a walkthrough of the wifi-enabled household supply manager, how does it work?

The supply manager system is designed to simplify users’ grocery shopping process. It allows our users to monitor their grocery items, and receive alerts  if they are running low on a specific product. The app also generates shopping lists of needed items, these lists may then be fulfilled automatically online, manually online, or by visiting a brick and mortar store. Our sensors track pantry items by weight and stores the data in the cloud which can be accessed via the PantryOn app. This means that PantryOn users never need to worry about running out of their household essentials or purchasing an unnecessary amount of an item. 

What is next on your future roadmap, any plans for new products or expansion?

There are a lot of exciting projects currently in the works with PantryOn. We will be launching our new product, TriON, on kickstarter soon! TriON is our thinnest and most affordable smart shelf yet. It connects to our supply management system. This allows for more units to be installed in the typical pantry.

Our team is consistently looking for new ways to expand our products and we can’t wait to share what we have coming up with our customers when it is ready. Be sure to keep a close eye out for new product offerings on our website! 

Find out more about PantryOn and our products on our website at

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