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Why Zoom is so Popular Right Now?

Why zoom

We’ve seen a lot of situations on different blogs about this topic, and now it’s your turn to voice your opinion. Let’s see why zoom is so popular right now.

There are a lot of other applications which are trying to build an application like zoom but they didn’t succeed yet but wait there is a great opportunity available for you to Create an app like zoom.

What are Zoom meetings?

Zoom is a browser extension and a mobile app, and both are web and mobile applications. It allows you to view and record your meetings in real-time in your browser or your mobile device.

Meetings can be recorded on your computer or your phone or both. All of your video conference calls, whiteboard, chat room, and email messages are visible in real-time to all other participants in the meetings. 

Zoom’s real-time video conferencing experience is shared through your web browser or your mobile app. 

When a participant joins or leaves a meeting, they can simply keep scrolling. If you want to share a screen with your colleague, you can simply grab their phone and show them your screen. 

That way you can easily get their opinion about something you want to tell them, while you see them respond in real-time.

Another neat feature of Zoom is the messaging. You can easily share things with your colleagues, like any specific notes or any file you want them to see.

And if you want to move to real-time collaboration in a group, you can start a group chat and invite other participants to join. You can also join or leave a chat right from the browser or your mobile app.

You can also use the Zoom video conference system to record meetings and share them with your colleagues.

Benefits of Zoom

The list of advantages of using Zoom as a conference tool is long. Some of them are:

Zoom can offer real-time recording of your meetings, because of that, you can meet and negotiate things that happened during a meeting in real-time.

You can always stay in the loop of what is going on. You can easily search for specific comments, see the name of the person talking or read more comments about that specific subject.

You can easily share any document you’re using with your team.

You can see the images you take from your smartphone when you are taking a picture of a meeting.

You can keep an eye on the clock during a meeting, it’s easy to understand what exactly time is passing.

You can zoom in and out on a map to see exactly what’s happening.

That’s not all.

This browser extension and mobile app allow you to capture your presentations, make slideshows, send documents, chat, join groups, share screens, and more. You can easily do this on the fly with simple clicks, and you don’t have to enter an email address to do so.

Even though Zoom had to face some consumer and investor complaints due to its lax security measures, but they addressed the concerns quickly. It can be even said that Zoom lawsuits had no effect on its popularity, as Zoom soon became the default video conference option for millions of people globally. The list of advantages of using Zoom as a conference tool is long.

Why is Zoom so popular right now?

So, let’s find out what the reasons are for that. Is it the features? Is it the price? Is it the size of the market? Is it that Zoom is free?

Is it one or all of the above?

Let’s find out the reason for that.

The reason for that is the combination of some of the most appealing features. Zoom does not force you to switch your current browser, which is a good thing.

The other good thing is that Zoom does not show a desktop version, the only browser supported is the Chrome browser. 

But, when you start using Zoom you start using Chrome, and the Chrome browser looks like the default browser, so you don’t have to switch to the different one.

And the last good thing is the fact that Zoom doesn’t do a lot of tricks. There are a couple of apps and services that do more and they are expensive.

And the truth is that most of the users do not care about the bells and whistles, they just care about the overall experience, and that’s what Zoom offers.

About the participants

One of the most important and popular reasons for using Zoom is the quality of the participants, and not only their members, but also the moderators.

Some companies need remote help, and when there are difficulties in finding the right people for a job, they use Zoom.

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