Why Zack Morris Believes that Learning From Personal Mistakes is a Path to Success

Humans are born with an inherent desire to succeed. That is why so many have meticulously planned and mapped out their lives. They’ve hit benchmarks: graduating, obtaining the desired job, starting a business, or entering a new relationship. However, achieving success is a journey, and every journey — and each step of the way — has its ups and downs.

According to Zack Morris, a self-made millionaire, a successful trader, and Co-Founder of Atlas Trading, while each person has a different journey to their success, they all have one thing in common: failure. Morris explains that prior to becoming the successful entrepreneur he is today, he used to make ends meet by selling purses on eBay.

“At the age of 19, I used to sell purses on eBay to earn money until I switched to real estate later in life,” he says. “I relocated to Texas because I knew there were incredible real estate opportunities and that houses were also more affordable. I was looking for work, but it wasn’t easy. Each morning, I would spend hours applying for numerous jobs, but with no success.”

According to Zack Morris, it was around that time that he began dabbling in stock trading, where he would once again taste the bitter taste of defeat. “Fed up with constant rejections, I tried my luck in stock trading. However, my journey there was brief at first, as I was only familiar with commodities such as oil.” He continues, “My very first oil trade also resulted in the largest losses. I was quickly turned off by it as I struggled to comprehend how people could live off trading after suffering my first loss.”

That very moment was the turning point of Zack Morris’ life. He had two options to choose from: succumb and admit that he was defeated, or learn from his mistakes and continue his journey to success. “Fortunately, I chose the latter,” he says. “I believe that if I had given up at that moment, I wouldn’t be where I am today, earning millions trading stocks.”

With the number of new traders constantly rising, a lot of people search for the best and easiest way to become successful traders. However, Morris points out that it can be really hard for beginner traders to find their way in the vast and complex trading world, but that learning how to navigate through is the only way to succeed.

With that in mind, Morris Co-Founded Atlas Trading, an online chatroom that would offer free access to invaluable information and useful educational content on stock trading. As he explains, he Co-Founded Atlas Trading so that people interested in trading don’t have to experience the same mistakes he made.

“At the beginning of my journey, I would spend nights doing my extensive research on the stock market and spend mornings discussing headlines with some of the other traders at the time — that’s how my trading skills got better,” says Zack Morris. “That’s what I want to achieve through Atlas Trading – a place where they can learn the ropes and set themselves up for success.”

Nevertheless, he says that no matter how good he became, he still makes mistakes, but they serve him as great teaching moments. “Failures are an unavoidable part of our lives, but they can be used to generate a strong force that will push us toward further goals,” he says. “They are not pleasant at all, but it’s up to us to decide whether we will give up or achieve the success we want.”

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