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Why Your Company Does Not Show On Page One of Google Search And How To Fix It

Reasons Why Your Company Fail to Appear On The First Page And How To Fix It

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of digital marketing and advertising. It determines how high you are ranked on Google search. SEO involves using specific keywords and phrases to increase visibility in search engines and easily attract quality users. Arguably, billions of users are searching for items to buy from Google Search. Therefore, optimizing a small business website will significantly help the business to succeed.

However, if your website lacks trust, authority, or relevancy, it will not be ranked or might get removed from search results. Due to this, your small business will not appear on the first page. Accordingly, you might start to question why SEO failed and rush to hire someone like Scott Keever SEO Naples for strategized marketing.

Reasons Why Your Company Fail to Appear On The First Page And How To Fix It

Lack Of Optimized Content

Content is optimized using keywords placed on the heading, title tag, and body, URL, or Meta description. Keywords allow users to discover your website readily if they research using the inserted keywords. Therefore, your visibility on Google search increases. However, the lack of keywords in your content makes it difficult for users to find your site, and Google does not rank your company on search results.

Additionally, over-optimizing content affects the visibility of your company. Over-using keywords can make it difficult or awkward for a user to comprehend. Over-optimized content significantly affects readability, ranking, and the users’ experience.

Use keywords moderately when optimizing content to ensure your content does not lose value. You should also do thorough research to ensure you use keywords based on common searches of your target audience.

Duplicated Content

In cases where your content is similar to another website, it will not rank highly. This is because users get confused about which content is original among the multiple contents presented by Google search. The value of your content is hence fragmented to links with similar content instead of being ranked independently. To eliminate the duplicate content problem, you have to canonicalize your page so that Google can index it instead of the duplicate page.

Failure To Use Google My Business Page

Google My Business page enables you to share the name of your business, product, or service, contact information such as email address and phone numbers, and essential details such as open days and hours. Google search can show relevant results to users. Besides, this page allows you to keep updated information, and in return, Google will rank you highly, improving visibility in Google Search.

Lacking a Google My Business account is a primary reason your digital marketing is not successful, and you do not show on the first page of Google Search. Fortunately, opening and filling in updated information about your company requires less time and effort. It is crucial because it will help you rank highly on Google Search.

Mobile-Unfriendly Websites

Arguably, a significant number of Google Searches are through mobile devices. Google takes note of this information and ranks sites according to how mobile-friendly they are. Mobile-unfriendly websites are challenging to read, which adversely affects the user experience, and therefore, such websites get ranked poorly.

However, you can optimize your website for mobile to enable users to navigate the website and read the content easily. Mobile-friendly websites look more professional and will attract more users. Therefore, more traffic is driven to the website, and it ranks high on Google Search.

Slow Website

Recently, speed has become an SEO ranking factor. Hence, websites that take longer to load inconvenience the users. Due to this frustration, they opt to select different websites that will load faster. Google ranks fast-loading websites better than slower websites.

Luckily, you can increase the speed by checking the websites’ theme and plugin. After you fix the issue, more users will visit your site. Google will notice the extra traffic on your website and rank you accordingly. Thus you will appear on the first pages of Google Search results.

Failure To Use In-Bound Links

Google Search also uses inbound links to determine the trust and authority of a site. Lack of inbound links, therefore, makes your website be poorly ranked. When a user searches using the right keywords, competitors’ websites with inbound links will show in the results.

The easiest way of building inbound links is through sponsoring events. This might require you to create content for people you are related to, such as contractors, suppliers, partners, and market their content. Earing relevant links will help Google see your website as appropriate, trustworthy, and authoritative. Google Search rewards websites with relevant inbound links by favorably ranking them.

Lack Of Reviews

Reviews are vital when it comes to ranking. Besides attracting and driving traffic to your website, they also help Google gauge your relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. Lack of reviews will make your website rank poorly, and your company will not appear on the first page of results.

Therefore you have to encourage response from clients and actively respond to the feedback. This will create confidence in the users and encourage them to visit your site. Leverage on the power of reviews because they drive traffic, build trust and improve ranking in Google Search.

Google Blocked From Crawling Your Website

Google gets into your website to analyze and index it accordingly. If you block it from conveniently crawling on your website, it will not index the website, and you will not appear on the search results. You can correct this by ensuring that you have not blocked crawling bots from looking at your website and analyzing it.

In conclusion, improving visibility is highly dependent on SEO strategy. How well you strategize on SEO will drive more traffic to your site and improve ranking. Therefore, optimizing for your company’s presence on search engine results is an effective way of ensuring you appear on the top results. Scott Keever SEO Naples or such SEO agencies may give you better chances of succeeding in SEO marketing. Hence you will enhance visibility, increase sales, grow your business and overcome competition.

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