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Why You Should Take Your Website SEO More Seriously in 2023

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You need not be an expert to realize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). With 1.13 billion websites screaming for attention, getting seen without a strategy can be challenging. At the same time, you must understand that higher search rankings don’t happen overnight.  

SEO is a science whose successful implementation requires concrete, updated knowledge, vast industry experience, and commitment. This fact becomes even more crucial with Google and other search engines constantly changing their parameters for ranking websites. 

Unless you’re an expert, you’ll need an SEO professional or agency to break those changes down. But first, why do you even have to care about stepping up your SEO in 2023? Here are five solid reasons: 

Ever-Changing Algorithms

Google hardly revised its search algorithm during its early years. Now, changes come in the thousands yearly. Big or small, these tweaks can affect your website’s SEO, and it doesn’t matter if your strategy has always worked. If Google has changed the rules, what good can it be now?  

Adapting to these changes is the only way to thrive in 2023. You may even have to adjust more often, considering how quickly things can change. 

Stronger Competition

We mentioned the billions of websites vying for searchers’ attention online — they are your competition, and it’s fiercer than ever. Standing out means implementing a dynamic strategy that keeps scoping for a fit as search engines evolve. 

Most importantly, you need a better strategy than your competitors, whether it’s keyword optimization, backlinking, or just improving your website’s user interface. Because what defines “better” for Google can change, it’s wise to be vigilant and proactive with your SEO. 

Mobile Priority 

How Google prioritizes websites that present well on mobile and desktop devices is old news. We’ve known that since 2015 when the search behemoth announced mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. In 2023, this aspect of Google’s algorithm hasn’t budged, but you should give it more importance. 

Statcounter says there were 16.35 percent more mobile users than desktop users from January to April 2023. Even without statistics, it’s logical to assume that Google can only get more serious about mobile-friendliness today.  

Voice Search  

Voice search is a popular search engine feature that more and more users appreciate. The more voice search-friendly your website is, the better it is for visibility. But that’s not where it ends with maximizing your SEO through this not-so-new search feature.  

If we go by the numbers — and we should, for accuracy — voice search assistants respond to 93.7 percent of search queries on average. On top of that, more than half of consumers use voice search to locate a local business. Even without an SEO professional telling you, it should be easy to see how voice search optimization can help.  

Enhanced User Experience

Aside from mobile-friendliness, user experience is another classic ranking factor for Google, which is understandable. When people find a website convenient to use, it tends to be popular and valuable, which Google likes. But how exactly does the search giant define a positive user experience? 

As general as it sounds, the answer varies because we know that new things are always cooking at the tech company. For example, when Google introduced voice search in 2011, it was more of a novelty than an essential feature. 

So much has changed since then, especially with the developments in speech recognition technology and Google’s Hummingbird and BERT algorithm updates. Voice search optimization is something to be more mindful of in 2023.  

In fact, be mindful of your SEO all the time because you’ll never know when Google will shift gears next. Of course, having an expert help you out is always welcome. Working with a trusted SEO partner gives you the confidence that a pro is in charge. That means saving time, boosting your website traffic, increasing conversion rates, and all the other benefits of an effective SEO strategy.  

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